Short Report - Personal Portrait
for Joe Lally [Adb], born on 3 December 1963
Text by Robert Pelletier, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2014

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer *Ascendant in Scorpio, Mars in the Second House *Sun in the First House *Venus in the Second House *Saturn in the Third House *Moon in the Eighth House *Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

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This report is a short edition of the Personal Portrait. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the Personal Portrait which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a downloadable E-Horoscope of about 20 - 30 pages. In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered.

As you read your short report, or any other astrological report, keep in mind that the energies interpreted here are your birth potentials. However, you may or may not choose to actualize these energies in the manner described. Your age, sex, socio-economic situation, education, environment, level of development, and many other factors contribute to the ways in which you express your natal energies. Remember, the planets do not compel you to do or be anything. They influence you, but you still have the free will to determine your own life.

The report was generated with the following birth data: Male, born on 3 December 1963 at 5:37 am in Silver Spring MD, Alaska.

Your sun sign is Sagittarius. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Scorpio, and your Moon is in Cancer.

Partner references which may occur in the text are set for a relationship with a woman. Explanation


Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer

This combination is not harmonious. There are indications of mistakes in life arising from your impulsiveness, which is heightened and readily expressed by your emotional nature. Cancer confers the gifts of sensitivity and prophecy through acute feeling and intuition. Your well-developed imagination often leads you into the realm of mysticism, and there are religious tendencies in your nature. In love you are sympathetic and intense and try to conduct your romance according to your idealistic conception of love. The key to a more harmonious self lies in checking the impulsiveness of your individuality, which results in destructive reactions.


Ascendant in Scorpio, Mars in the Second House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Scorpio was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Mars is located in the second house.

Your life will be marked by your shrewd, secretive, obstinate, clever, and reserved disposition. You remain an enigma: with these traits, your life events could be either very tragic or very fortunate. To which category of Scorpio do you belong? There are two types, the extremely emotional, attracted by those pathological aspects of biological relationship, or the highly mystical, concerned with spirituality.

You are a person of extremes, very sensitive and desirous of attachment. There is some attraction to the occult or to psychic phenomena. You are active in the sense that there is a psychological struggle going on inside you between the positive and negative poles-those of affirming and satisfying or rejecting and repressing. You are very intense in your feelings and remain passionately attached to the person you love. Similarly, when you dislike someone you are very fixed in that feeling. However, there is room for optimism in that: whatever type of Scorpio you may happen to be, there exists a desire deep in your inner self for psychic regeneration.

At some point in your life, after the occurrence of a major dramatic event that will affect you deeply, the goal and entire expression of your ego may alter entirely. The intensity and profundity of your passion, however, will always be constant. You have a tendency to go into the shadows and secretly plan the course of action you will take, reluctant to let others know the exact nature of your mood or feelings. In your sexual affairs you are full of passion and strong attachment.

Exert more control over your passions; don't be so resentful of others. Use your strong will and character for favorable and beneficial things.

You have a strong inclination to be involved in medicine, perhaps even surgery. You are attracted by research and investigation in general.

This position denotes a life in which many struggles will require a fighting spirit in order to insure abundance and continuity of income. Your nature is very assertive, aggressive, and you are very resourceful in business. You love to initiate new enterprises, especially those which call for originality. You can react with emotional strength to injury, especially if the offender plans some way of displacing you in business. However, when not so affected, you can be an excellent partner and a dynamic collaborator.

Money could come easily but you are also prone to spend it at the same rate it appears. Be very careful of drastic actions and reckless investments.


Sun in the First House

The Sun is in the first house. You are by nature energetic, proud and self-assertive. You project yourself enthusiastically and energetically into all situations. Your naturally outgoing disposition and personable manner usually make a good impression on people.

Your heightened self-perception puts you in touch with a strong sense of will, and you can manipulate your will to suit your aims and desires in life. This position of the Sun gives the capacity for leadership, for you tend to attract people and to have a strong influence on them when they are with you.

You do not like to depend on others, but you hold on to your friends, for they are usually pleased to help you when you need it. You are willing to help close friends who are deserving, but only if you know that your efforts will be appreciated.

You often prefer to work alone. However, this is not your only choice, for you adapt well to working with people as long as you are free to express yourself. With a first-house Sun, there is a tendency to overestimate your own worth, but through repeated contacts with others you will inevitably come to a more realistic appraisal of your abilities and potential.


Venus in the Second House

Venus is found in the second house at the time of your birth. Intrinsically, this is an ideal astrological position as it promises easy means of livelihood. Money will stream in regularly and readily without excessive effort or preoccupation.


Saturn in the Third House

Saturn appeared in the third house at the time of your birth. This planet brings an aura of objectivity and contriving to all mental functions; the general attitude is reserved, serious, and lacking in dynamism, warmth and flexibility. You are a thinker and a slow, but determined planner.

The struggle to realize your life plans might be difficult, and you will receive little assistance from persons close to you.

You tend to worry needlessly or give excessive attention to plans which will yield very little in relation to the effort invested. We advise you to plan things carefully and realistically without overdoing it.

Saturn here represents duties that you must comply with and which are of an intellectual nature. It also points to tests of character occurring at critical points of human relationship, which can only be successfully "passed" by developing an altruistic and compassionate nature that will make pardon and forgiveness feasible.


Moon in the Eighth House

The Moon was found in your eighth house at the time of birth. Since the Moon has intense qualities of perception, you may find that gradually there is an awakening of interests in sexual matters, psychic and spiritualistic research, and much mental speculation with ideas concerning the possibilities of existence after death.

At some point of your existence there will be possibilities of inheritance through members of the female sex or the maternal side of your family.


Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

The conjunction of Neptune to the Ascendant shows that you are very sensitive and perhaps psychic. Your grip on the real world is loose; you need to grasp it more firmly.

You are so physically sensitive to the injustices you observe in society that they can easily make you ill. Because your environment has such a powerful effect, you should try to make some contribution to relieve your anxieties about allowing these negative conditions to exist.

You are sympathetic toward the oppressed, understanding of the emotionally disturbed, and forgiving to those who seem guiltless in their transgressions against society.

You easily become distraught over conditions you are powerless to do anything about, and your feelings of guilt and failure can make you withdraw into a world that is safe from responsibility.

You should associate with people who have their feet on the ground to compensate for your aimless wandering temperament. There is a great need for your sympathetic understanding, and you do not have the right to turn down anyone who extends a hand for help.


Astrological Data used for Short Report - Personal Portrait
for Joe Lally [Adb] (male)
born on 3 December 1963 local time: 5:37 am
in Silver Spring MD, USA U.T.: 10:37
77w01, 38n59 sid. time: 10:15:05

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Sagittarius 10°32'08 in house 1 direct
Moon Cancer 14°40'06 in house 8 direct
Mercury Sagittarius 25°54'13 in house 2 direct
Venus Capricorn 4°43'53 in house 2 direct
Mars Sagittarius 28°32'11 in house 2 direct
Jupiter Aries 9°32'40 in house 5 stationary (D)
Saturn Aquarius 17°57'50 in house 3 direct
Uranus Virgo 9°59'38 in house 10 direct
Neptune Scorpio 16°18'19 in house 12 direct
Pluto Virgo 14°10'36 in house 10 direct
True Node Cancer 11°27'15 in house 8 direct

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Scorpio 20°57'37
2nd House Sagittarius 21°04'09
3rd House Capricorn 25°45'24
Imum Coeli Pisces 1°45'51
5th House Aries 3°40'48
6th House Aries 29°37'05
Descendant Taurus 20°57'37
8th House Gemini 21°04'09
9th House Cancer 25°45'24
Medium Coeli Virgo 1°45'51
11th House Libra 3°40'48
12th House Libra 29°37'05

Major aspects
Sun Trine Jupiter 0°59
Sun Sextile Saturn 7°26
Sun Square Uranus 0°32
Sun Square Pluto 3°38
Moon Square Jupiter 5°07
Moon Sextile Uranus 4°40
Moon Trine Neptune 1°38
Moon Sextile Pluto 0°30
Moon Trine Ascendant 6°18
Mercury Conjunction Mars 2°38
Venus Square Jupiter 4°49
Venus Trine Uranus 5°16
Jupiter Quincunx Uranus 0°27
Saturn Square Neptune 1°40
Saturn Square Ascendant 3°00
Uranus Conjunction Pluto 4°11
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°08
Neptune Conjunction Ascendant 4°39
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

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