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The Child's Horoscope
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for Andrea Sawatzki [Adb], born on 23 February 1963
Text by Liz Greene, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2014
I. Introduction

This short extract gives you a taste of the personal "Child's Horoscope" by Liz Greene. The small samples taken from various chapters convey an impression of the complete horoscope (18-25 pages) which can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or a bound book in the AstroShop.

Most parents long to provide their children with the best they can offer on every level. But what is "the best"? The birth horoscope of a child is a map of patterns and potentials which exist in that child from the moment of birth. Encouragement of these potentials in childhood can help a child to develop greater confidence and hope for a future which is more authentically his or her own, so that greater happiness and fulfillment are possible later in life.

II. Your Child's Psychological Type

In this concise chapter Liz Greene describes the child's general temperament and her characteristic approach to life.

The rich array of individual abilities and potentials portrayed in Andrea's birth horoscope is set against the background of an inherent temperament bias which may be partly hereditary but is also the reflection of a mysterious essence which belongs to her alone. This mysterious "something" is already at work within Andrea, helping her to develop her personality along the lines which are healthiest and most natural to her.

[..] This strong focus on material reality, once developed, can help her to cope with all the unruly fears and imaginings which are likely to stir within her from time to time. But the mix needs to be gentle and balanced ­ too much discipline too early will make Andrea shut [...]

III. The Characters in the Story

This is one of the most comprehensive chapters of the "Child's Horoscope". This short version touches only on a few of the central characters in your child's personality. The complete report provides a detailed description on 7-9 pages.

The tension between the main characters in Andrea's inner story is the source of energy which provides the impetus for growth, movement and the formation of a healthy individuality.

[..] For this reason displays of intense emotion are liable to make her uncomfortable, and any "double messages" or indirect communication are likely to cause confusion and anxiety. Andrea needs things explained in black and white, clearly and concisely and with no hidden or [...]

[..] Parents and family members can help her enormously by communicating freely with her as they would with an adult (which means without condescension or baby-talk), and by listening to what she has to say ­ even if at times it seems terribly humourless or pedantic. A silent, [...]

Hidden traits

[..] In particular, encourage her to talk about her dreams and nightmares, her strange hunches and intuitions, and her disturbing emotions. These things need to see the light of day so that she can become more comfortable with them. Never mock her anxieties or little phobias, [...]

IV. Emotional Needs and Patterns in Relationships

This chapter contains valuable information on the child's basic needs and the relationship with her parents. The complete horoscope covers this chapter on 5-6 pages.

Every child has particular ways in which he or she experiences and seeks emotional contact with others, and this may not always accord with other, more dominant personality traits.

[..] Andrea's refined emotional nature requires a good flow of communication with loved ones, for a sense of mental rapport forms the real basis of her sense of security and well-being. However, she can sometimes feel extremely shy and insecure and may make such communication [...]

[..] She is very sensitive to the difficulties involved in being a mother, and does not take her mother for granted. She may sometimes fear being a burden on her mother, and may also feel deeply obligated because she believes her mother has had to limit her own life in order [...]

V. Fears and Insecurities

Knowing about their child's fears can help parents to react with love and understanding in challenging situations. The child's main fears and insecurities are described on 2-3 pages in the full report.

VI. Looking toward the future

Many parents wonder about the future of their child. Every child has her own way to develop her potential. What this means for the individual child is described on 2-3 pages in chapter six of the complete Child's Horoscope. Please click here to read a complete sample horoscope.

Psychological Child's Horoscope by Liz Greene