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Short Report - Children and Young People

for Queen of Bohemia Elizabeth [Adb], born on 19 August 1596
Text by Robert Hand, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2017
Cancer Rising *Sun in Leo *Sun in the Second House *Moon in Cancer *Moon in the Twelfth House *Venus in Libra *Venus in the Fourth House *Mars in Virgo *Mars in the Third House

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This report is a short edition of the Youth Horoscope. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the Youth Horoscope which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a downloadable E-Horoscope of about 20 - 30 pages.

In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered.

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Cancer Rising

You are a very sensitive person and very attached to familiar surroundings. When you encounter new people, you are friendly enough, but you won't talk about your inner feelings until you get to know them quite well. However, once you decide to trust someone, you trust him or her completely.

Where you live while you are young will always be important to you.

If you feel secure in yourself and self-confident, you can be a generous person, always willing to give of yourself.

In those areas in which you lack self-confidence, you have a serious problem. Your sensitivity makes it difficult for you to take criticism or harsh words from anyone, especially those whom you love. When you feel hurt, you withdraw into yourself and avoid others.

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Sun in Leo

You are spirited and strong willed and like to be the center of attention. Other people like you because you are basically warm and affectionate. You work very hard to get your way with others. You should be careful of carrying this trait too far, however, because it may turn away people who would otherwise be your friends. You are proud and consider yourself important. The positive side of this is that you are reluctant to compromise yourself.

When you are older, you will want to be a person of some importance and, if possible, a leader. Even while you are young you will play this role whenever possible, which should work out very well, because you also want to be worthy of being a leader.

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Sun in the Second House

You love security, which for you means being surrounded by comfortable and familiar objects. The only problem is that you may try to own more things than you really need, so that your life is cluttered with material possessions.

You may find it difficult to share, but if you want to have good friendships, you will have to learn how. You are even possessive of your friends, and don't like to share them with anyone else. If a friend pays too much attention to someone else while you are together, you are likely to feel jealous. But you have to learn to share that person with others.

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Moon in Cancer

Because Cancer is the sign most closely connected with the Moon, you can be very strong and secure emotionally.

Being close to your mother is especially important, and you need a lot of love and affection from her as well as from others in your family. When you're older, you'll be very good at giving the same kind of support to others and taking care of people in need.

Feelings are more important to you than logical thinking, which seems cold or boring.

You are easily hurt by criticism. It's not that you are weak or fragile, but that you are unusually sensitive to other people's feelings.

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Moon in the Twelfth House

You are rather unwilling to talk about your feelings with others, because you feel that they won't understand you or won't think well of you. Often you feel that no one should see the real you, but that is not true.

You have a great need for emotional security, but you often feel you won't get it. But even though it is difficult for you to trust people on an emotional level, you do like to help others. You may pretend that you are not really generous and helpful, but in fact you are.

Often this position means that you like to fantasize and daydream.

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Venus in Libra

You are a friendly, outgoing person who likes to have fun with others. You don't like to be alone, because you feel lonely very easily. Fortunately, people usually like you, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding company. In your efforts to get someone to like you, you should be yourself, not what you think the other person is looking for.

You like beautiful, graceful objects and fine clothing.

You may not enjoy doing hard work. But you will have to overcome this as you grow older, because everyone has to meet life's demands. You may try to get others to do your dirty work for you, but this would be a poor use of this energy. Instead, use your talent to make life beautiful for yourself and the people around you.

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Venus in the Fourth House

You like your surroundings to be comfortable, pleasant, elegant and gracious. As you get older you may collect art or other objects to beautify your home.

Being loved by your parents is more important to you than to others. Probably you will receive all the warmth and affection that you need from them. But if your relationship with either or both of your parents is difficult, you will be more hurt psychologically than most people would.

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Mars in Virgo

You are careful about what you do, because you feel that every action should be considered thoroughly and every move should have some purpose.

You will learn quite quickly to do the tasks that have to be done before getting into the activities you enjoy. And you will demand that others do the same, for you dislike irresponsibility in others as well as in yourself.

But try not to be too critical of others. Try to be more tolerant of other people's ways, and don't be so sure that your own notion of perfection is the only one. Others have their own ways of achieving, just as you do.

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Mars in the Third House

You have a very aggressive intellect, so that you like to debate and argue with people, usually not to have a serious fight but a friendly argument.

Fortunately your mind works quite quickly, and you have a lot of mental energy. Just don't lose your curiosity about getting answers by concentrating all your energy on winning the argument.

When you are talking with people, be careful how you speak, because you tend to express yourself argumentatively even when you have nothing to fight about.

Astrological Data used for Short Report - Children and Young People
for Queen of Bohemia Elizabeth [Adb] (female)
born on 19 August 1596 greg. local time: 2:03 am
in Dunfermline, Scotland U.T.: 02:16:56
3w29, 56n04 sid. time: 23:53:24

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Leo 26°06'20 in house 2 direct
Moon Cancer 0°05'44 in house 12 direct
Mercury Virgo 5°58'59 in house 3 retrograde
Venus Libra 8°41'34 in house 4 direct
Mars Virgo 16°55'53 in house 3 direct
Jupiter Taurus 10°33'53 in house 11 direct
Saturn Virgo 9°26'03 in house 3 direct
Uranus Aries 18°45'04 in house 10 retrograde
Neptune Leo 19°10'17 in house 2 direct
Pluto Aries 20°09'09 in house 10 retrograde
True Node Aries 5°30'57 in house 10 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Cancer 29°31'27
2nd House Leo 13°36'57
3rd House Virgo 1°50'56
Imum Coeli Virgo 28°11'58
5th House Scorpio 8°07'11
6th House Sagittarius 25°28'04
Descendant Capricorn 29°31'27
8th House Aquarius 13°36'57
9th House Pisces 1°50'56
Medium Coeli Pisces 28°11'58
11th House Taurus 8°07'11
12th House Gemini 25°28'04

Major aspects
Sun Sextile Moon 3°59
Sun Trine Uranus 7°21
Sun Conjunction Neptune 6°56
Sun Trine Pluto 5°57
Sun Quincunx Medium Coeli 2°06
Moon Sextile Mercury 5°53
Moon Square Medium Coeli 1°54
Mercury Trine Jupiter 4°35
Mercury Conjunction Saturn 3°27
Venus Quincunx Jupiter 1°52
Mars Quincunx Uranus 1°49
Jupiter Trine Saturn 1°08
Uranus Trine Neptune 0°25
Uranus Conjunction Pluto 1°24
Neptune Trine Pluto 0°59
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

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