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Horoscope for:
Short Report - Children and Young People
for Ann, born on 24 November 1962
Text by Robert Hand, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2015
Taurus Rising *Sun in Sagittarius *Sun in the Eighth House *Moon in Scorpio *Moon in the Seventh House *Moon Opposition Ascendant *Venus in Scorpio *Venus in the Seventh House *Mars in Leo *Mars in the Fifth House

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This report is a short edition of the Youth Horoscope. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the Youth Horoscope which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a downloadable E-Horoscope of about 20 - 30 pages. In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important aspects of your natal chart are considered.

The report was generated with the following birth data: Female, born on 24 November 1962 at 3:30 pm in Thessaloníki, Greece.

Your sun sign is Sagittarius. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant, the rising sign, is in Taurus, and your Moon is in Scorpio.

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Taurus Rising

You are very calm and deliberate in your actions. You don't like to move too quickly or act hastily.

Sometimes you are quite stubborn, and the more that someone applies pressure, the more firmly you resist.

Outwardly, you appear quite calm and self-possessed. It is not that you suppress your feelings, but that your exterior does not reveal them very readily. At the same time, you show others an earthy kind of warmth and friendliness.

You enjoy comfort and the good things of life.

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Sun in Sagittarius

You are a fun-loving person who enjoys games. You are very spirited and energetic and need to spend a lot of time outdoors to release all your energy. Because of your strong need to feel free, you may find it difficult to put up with restrictions that adults want to impose on you.

You want freedom to be friends with anyone, and you won't let others dictate to you about this.

You are very curious and want to know the answer to every question that comes to mind. As you grow older, you will become interested in finding out how the universe works in the broadest terms.

You are cheerful and positive, and other people will enjoy having you around.

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Sun in the Eighth House

A serious person, you know that you will have to go through many important changes as you grow. You are attracted to mysteries and to finding out about the deepest aspects of life.

While you are young you may not be able to distinguish between what is yours and what belongs to others. As an adult, however, you will probably make a career of handling other people's property or money; if you learned the lessons of your youth, you will be unusually responsible about handling possessions - yours as well as others'.

Note: The Sun is technically near the end of house 7 and is therefore interpreted in house 8.

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Moon in Scorpio

You have very intense feelings, which can be a strong force in your life. But you may find it hard to understand your feelings, because they are so complicated and deep. You want your whole life to be intense and very deep.

If you don't get a great deal of reassurance from the people who are close to you, you will feel lonely and misunderstood.

You are very fond of anything secret and mysterious, such as stories about the supernatural. Your need to learn about yourself will help you understand others as well.

Try not to get so wrapped up in your emotions, however. It would be better not to take them so seriously.

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Moon in the Seventh House

You choose personal friends by your emotional reactions to them. Unless people appeal strongly to your emotions and offer emotional support and security, you are not attracted to them.

You attract people whose emotions are strong and close to the surface because you like to be aware of your friends. The reason you attract such people is that they help you understand your own feelings.

It is likely that you will marry or form a close partnership early in your life. You need the security and emotional closeness of such a relationship.

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Moon Opposition Ascendant

You are always looking for emotional support from someone else and, if you are really feeling depressed, protection from the difficulties of the world. You don't enjoy knowing someone only casually; you want to know everything about the people you are close to. This may cause some misunderstandings, because your friends may feel that you are interfering too much in their personal affairs, or vice versa.

Your relationship with your mother will have a great deal to do with the kind of person you choose for a lover or marriage partner when you are older. If your relationship with her has been secure, close and warm, you will be supportive and protective toward the one you love.

If your mother seems distant or is simply not around when you need her, when you are older you will look for a partner who will be a 'mother' to you.

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Venus in Scorpio

Your feelings about people are very intense; you either like them very much or not at all.

Only deep relationships have any meaning for you. You find it somewhat difficult to tell someone that you like him or her, because you are afraid of being rejected. It is hard to put your feelings into words, because they seem so complicated. And it is true that not everyone will understand you and your feelings, but you will just have to accept that.

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Venus in the Seventh House

You will always want to have a steady relationship that gives you a sense of being more complete than you are by yourself.

Even while you are young, you like to be with other people and to work with others rather than alone. You are far more concerned with harmony than with getting your own way. That is very useful, but you should learn that in some situations you must stand up for your rights in no uncertain terms.

You like to be with people who are attractive or artistic and creative. When you are older, you may marry someone who has these qualities.

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Mars in Leo

You have a great deal of pride, and you enjoy doing things on your own initiative. An appeal to your sense of fairness brings out the best in you, and you will do anything to maintain these qualities.

At times you may act arrogant and domineering toward others. You can't always be first, but you have such a need to be a leader that it may be difficult for you to accept anyone else in this role.

You demand that others let you be yourself so you can run your life as you want.

You probably have considerable self-confidence and even courage, but you are not especially reckless. At best you have a good understanding of yourself, of your limitations as well as your strengths. In fact, you may feel uncomfortable with your emotions and weaknesses.

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Mars in the Fifth House

You have a great need to express yourself and to be yourself openly. You say whatever is on your mind and let everyone know your mood. For this reason, you have a reputation for honesty, if not tact.

You put a great deal of energy into all your activities, but especially into whatever you do for fun. It is difficult for you to remain cooped up for long, because you get restless unless you are really enjoying your work. Basically you prefer play to work. As an adult, however, you may succeed by choosing a career that is really 'fun' for you.

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Astrological Data used for Short Report - Children and Young People
for Ann (female)
born on 24 November 1962 local time: 3:30 pm
in Thessaloníki, GRC U.T.: 13:30
22e56, 40n38 sid. time: 19:13:50

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Sagittarius 1°47'21 end of house 7 direct
Moon Scorpio 1°28'22 in house 7 direct
Mercury Sagittarius 1°18'55 end of house 7 direct
Venus Scorpio 13°50'10 in house 7 retrograde
Mars Leo 19°13'12 in house 5 direct
Jupiter Pisces 3°57'20 in house 11 direct
Saturn Aquarius 6°28'20 in house 10 direct
Uranus Virgo 5°10'27 in house 5 direct
Neptune Scorpio 13°54'14 in house 7 direct
Pluto Virgo 12°03'06 end of house 5 direct
True Node Leo 1°39'13 in house 4 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Taurus 0°54'26
2nd House Gemini 3°10'31
3rd House Gemini 26°04'16
Imum Coeli Cancer 17°01'36
5th House Leo 10°45'36
6th House Virgo 13°23'57
Descendant Scorpio 0°54'26
8th House Sagittarius 3°10'31
9th House Sagittarius 26°04'16
Medium Coeli Capricorn 17°01'36
11th House Aquarius 10°45'36
12th House Pisces 13°23'57

Major aspects
Sun Conjunction Mercury 0°28
Sun Square Jupiter 2°10
Sun Sextile Saturn 4°41
Sun Square Uranus 3°23
Sun Quincunx Ascendant 0°53
Moon Trine Jupiter 2°29
Moon Square Saturn 5°00
Moon Sextile Uranus 3°42
Moon Opposition Ascendant 0°34
Mercury Square Jupiter 2°38
Mercury Sextile Saturn 5°09
Mercury Square Uranus 3°52
Mercury Quincunx Ascendant 0°24
Venus Square Mars 5°23
Venus Conjunction Neptune 0°04
Venus Sextile Pluto 1°47
Venus Sextile Medium Coeli 3°11
Mars Square Neptune 5°19
Mars Quincunx Medium Coeli 2°12
Jupiter Opposition Uranus 1°13
Jupiter Sextile Ascendant 3°03
Saturn Quincunx Uranus 1°18
Saturn Square Ascendant 5°34
Uranus Trine Ascendant 4°16
Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°51
Neptune Sextile Medium Coeli 3°07
Pluto Trine Medium Coeli 4°58
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

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