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Изменить географическую точку для расчёта

В то время как почти все гороскопы рассчитаны на место рождения, некоторые специальные методы требуют дополнительных координат для расчёта, которые обычно соответствуют месту настоящего проживания владельца гороскопа. Если это место не будет указано здесь, то все гороскопы, требующие таких дополнительных координат, будут рассчитаны с использованием места рождения индивида.
использовать место рождения
Minimal importance of reference place

Contrary to a wide spread misconception, the place where you live has very little relevance for a horoscope. For the horoscope readings offered on this website it has no influence at all. The birth place and birth time determine your Ascendant and the houses in your horoscope. They become part of your astrological 'makeup' at the moment of your birth, and like your genetic information, they do not change later just because you live somewhere else.

Transits depend only on where you are born (because this influences your Ascendant and houses). They do NOT depend on where you live.

The only exceptions are of minimal impact. The time when a transit occurs is fixed in Universal Time (aka Greenwich Time). It is the time when a moving planet crosses a particular degree of the zodiac, where your birth planet (or house cusps) is considered to have left a mark. This time is the same, from wherever on the earth you may be watching! Only the local clock time for this moment however will be different, depending on the timezone, in which you live. The 'reference place' at the bottom of the daily horoscope page is used to determine, in which time zone these transit times should be printed. If you know about time zones, you can however do the conversion from one to the other just as well in your head, as you often do when you watch a nation-wide or world-wide TV network.

Some special chart techniques like Solar or Lunar return charts (for which this site does the charts but no interpretation) might also use as a reference place the city where you live. Only if you do such charts you should set the correct reference place for each one. Because they are done only by very few people, we consider one global setting for the reference place as sufficient.

You can rely on the chart output. If a chart output page does not display a reference place, none has been used for computing it.

Please do not send e-mail to the webmaster regarding the reference location. Everything which needs to be said about it is said here.

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