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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
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Cancer with Leo

In many ways the two of you are complementary. Watery Cancer's subtlety, sensitivity, and innate shyness are nicely balanced by fiery Leo's dramatic individualism. And because both of you have a deep need to protect those you love, you could offer a great deal of warmth, loyalty, affection, and support to each other.

Leo is confident enough to weather Cancer's moods and withdrawals, and Cancer is empathetic enough to accept Leo's displays of egocentricity. You can both be highly emotional, and both of you like regular reassurance that you're loved and wanted. Family life is likely to be important to both of you, but the same may be true for creative work.

On the practical level there may be some difficulties. Cancer, although not especially materialistic, does worry about security a lot, while Leo often overextends. Leo is often full of grand schemes, while Cancer is often reluctant to rock the boat.

Cancer may need to learn not to dampen Leo's enthusiasm with worries, while Leo may need to learn to consider others' feelings.

This could be a wonderfully warm, loving bond, provided you don't try to control each other. Mutual respect will bring the best out of both of you.

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