Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
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Gemini with Capricorn

You are both clever, sophisticated people who don't miss much that goes on in the world around you. Much of your attraction is based on mutual admiration and respect for abilities and talents. This could make for a strong, respectful, and enduring bond.

Airy, flexible Gemini can inspire Capricorn's mind and world-view, opening doors to exciting new ideas, creative projects, and stimulating new contacts. Earthy, tenacious Capricorn can offer structure, support, and worldly wisdom which can anchor Gemini's talents and generate real creative results.

Shared creative or business projects, and joint intellectual interests, can keep the fascination alive between you.

But you may both need to work hard to get over emotional inhibitions. Never let pride prevent you from expressing what you really feel, and don't wait for the other one to initiate emotional or sexual intimacy.

Don't overlook the importance of the affectionate gesture or the verbal declaration of love now and again. You both need it, but neither of you is comfortable if you sound too clingy or emotional. If you can manage that, you can keep each other fascinated and attracted indefinitely.

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