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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
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Taurus with Virgo

Like a peaceful and well-designed summer garden, the two of you could create an affectionate and stable relationship with the maximum of sensual satisfaction and the minimum of risk. You both like to know where you stand, and neither of you is likely to spend time, energy, and emotions simply on impulse. Both of you are concerned with security, and both have a fine appreciation of beauty, quality, and the merits of having financial matters in good order.

Taurus' affectionate nature can help to thaw Virgo's inherent shyness, and Virgo's lively intellect can help to open Taurus' mind to many new avenues of thought. This is a lovely combination, with little inherent friction.

However, the two of you can easily get into a rut, because you both like your habits and rituals and see no need to change anything unless it's absolutely necessary. Being safe all the time can be boring.

Try to give time and expression to your imagination. An excess of practicality can stifle the creative gifts in both of you, which would be a pity since you could offer each other so much inspiration and mutual encouragement of talent.

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