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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
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Taurus with Aquarius

Earthy Taurus and airy Aquarius both understand the importance of loyalty. And both of you appreciate the value of calm, rational discussion when you're dealing with problems. Stability matters to you both, and so do order and the pleasure of living a useful life.

But sometimes Taurus' pragmatism can be an irritant to Aquarius' love of abstract and often unconventional ideas. And sometimes Aquarius' need for breathing space can feel hurtful to Taurus' longing for physical contact.

Taurus needs to give Aquarius lots of freedom and privacy, and Aquarius needs to give Taurus more overt demonstrations of affection - physical as well as through little gestures.

You can learn a lot from each other, and you could build a solid, enduring bond which has the best of both affection and friendship. But you'll have to make an effort, from time to time, to understand each other's very different world- view.

For Taurus, responses in a relationship are instinctive and natural. For Aquarius, an ideals and a sharply defined ethical code preclude instinctive behaviour. If you can both respect these differences, you could have a wonderful future together.

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