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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
I am a  and
She / He is a  and

Aries with Leo

Aries and Leo are both fire signs, and both of you love to play the protagonist in a grand drama which makes life seem brighter, bigger and more colourful. At heart you are both childlike, generous, a bit self-centred. You are always looking for adventure, new outlets for your creative imagination, and unending romance.

This can be a wonderful combination because you can fuel each other's creativity and inject excitement into each other's lives. You remain eternally optimistic as you pursue the great adventure of life together.

Neither of you likes to get bogged down in mundane routines, so don't expect this of each other. The fiery partner who can share your dreams is also one who doesn't enjoy doing the washing up any more than you do. Learn to live with a chaotic environment, or else learn to share irritating tasks equally.

Expecting your partner to play housekeeper while you indulge in your sense of specialness will only generate resentment. But if you can both live life true to your romantic spirits, and encourage each other's talents and aspirations, you can help each other to make even the grandest of dreams come true.

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