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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
I am a  and
She / He is a  and

Aries with Aries

Fire combined with fire creates more fire, and this is a hot and combustible combination. Both of you are pioneers, courageously determined to have your own way and certain of the rightness of your vision. If you share the vision, you're an unbeatable team, guaranteed to generate an exciting lifestyle and a constantly changing range of creative ventures.

And the passion is likely to keep re-igniting too, even if it takes a few dramatic scenes to make this happen. If you disagree, you may have to take time away from each other to cool the temperature. Neither of you shirks from open combat and neither likes to be bullied or controlled. You can be rivals as well as lovers, open enemies as well as passionate friends.

Whatever you do together, you are unlikely to be bored. Find a goal or creative project which you can share. This will bring the best out of you both. Or make sure you each have an independent sphere of work where you can both achieve success without getting in each other's way. Each of you needs someone with courage, vision, and an unwillingness to let the world stay as imperfect as it is. And you've certainly found that someone in each other.

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