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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
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Sagittarius with Virgo

The excitement of exploring new ideas and world-views can act as a powerful attraction between the two of you. Both of you are thinking creatures who are easily bored by a partner who cannot share the world of the mind.

Physical passion alone isn't likely to draw either of you into a serious relationship. You both want an intelligent partner, and you've probably found this in each other. Both of you are excellent communicators, and you are versatile and can become skilled at a variety of tasks and talents.

But your differences are as dramatic as your similarities. Virgo's preoccupation with mundane details can collide with Sagittarius' preoccupation with the pursuit of life's higher meaning. Virgo can be shy and self-contained, while Sagittarius can be extraverted and insensitive to boundaries. Virgo needs to accept Sagittarius' impulsive enthusiasm, while Sagittarius needs to respect the demands of material reality.

Your capacity to communicate can help you to sort out your differences, but verbal debate may not always solve emotional conflicts. Sometimes the best way for the two of you to solve problems is to stop talking for a while.

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