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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
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Scorpio with Sagittarius

When the two of you are together, others might well be excused for thinking they have stumbled into the last act of an opera or a Shakespearean play. When watery Scorpio and fiery Sagittarius meet, steam is an inevitable by-product. Both of you love drama and want to experience the maximum of life's intensity.

And both of you are romantics who would rather aim for the stars than worry about the interest rate on your savings account. Creatively as well as sexually you could make an inspiring team, and neither of you is ever likely to find the other boring.

The one sphere where you may collide is that Scorpios tendency to secrecy and the occasional bout of emotional manipulation can conflict with Sagittarius' open naiveté and tendency to see everything in black and white terms.

And then there's the freedom-closeness dilemma. Scorpio's emotional intensity can make Sagittarius feel invaded, while Sagittarius' mental intensity can make Scorpio feel belittled. Some very heated scenes may ensue.

But a little cool reflection by both of you from time to time could help ensure that your common potential, rather than a constant emotional battleground, is the keynote of your relationship.

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