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Wijzig gegevens van 'Lance Armstrong [Adb]'

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for Lance Armstrong [Adb], 18 sep 1971, 12:00, Plano, TX (US)
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Lance Armstrong [Adb] (man), geboren op 18 september 1971 onbekende tijd in Plano, TX (US)

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AstroClick Travel is designed as an introduction to locational astrology. Its use is meant for entertainment, and maybe you would like to test certain "influences" on a holiday trip.

Please do not base important life decisions on AstroClick Travel! In these cases, we recommend to see a specialised astrologer.

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Each planet is represented by four lines of the same colour which link up with the four possible points on the axes.

At the top and bottom of the map, the lines are allocated their appropriate astrological symbols. This way, it is easy to recognise the connection between each planet and its connecting line.

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