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AstroClick® Love
for Mitt Romney [Adb], 12 Março 1947, 9:51, Detroit, MI (US)
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The free AstroClick horoscope is a simple reading which considers each factor independently from other elements in the chart. It is there for your fun and entertainment. If you want to read a deeper analysis of your personality, we recommend the "Psychological Horoscope Analysis" by Liz Greene which you can order in our online shop. The interpretations of AstroClick Love are based on an abbreviated version of AstrOtext Love by John Townley which you can order in the shop, too.

Welcome to AstroClick Love!

AstroClick Love is your personal love horoscope, presented to you in an attractive, interactive form.

This is your personal natal horoscope chart. Just click on any part of the chart to get an interpretation of this element. The order in which you click on the astrological elements doesn't matter.

Have fun!

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