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Persona Charts

Multiple Personalities

This article is an abridged and adapted extract from the book "Die innere Tafelrunde" ("The inner round table") by Peter Orban and Ingrid Zinnel. The book is available in German at www.astronova.de.
Edited and translated by Karin Hoffmann.

Danny is a kicking and screaming 7-year-old, always on the lookout for trouble, and not very popular with anyone.
Rosalind, 31 years of age, gentle, melancholic, and charming can melt the hearts of most people.
Jennifer has had more lovers in the 22 years of her life than she can count. She is mentally retarded and has only one thing on her mind: the quick fuck with a stranger. Post coital her mind goes blank.
J ohn, although only 34, is one of the most successful lawyers in town. His jurisdical logic is irresistible, opponents fear his powerful addresses to the jury.
The Ripper, an ageless, almost blind man, is barbarous, brutal and evil like a nightmare. Full of hatred, he goes around at night with razor blades and glowing fag ends.

All of them, the terrible child, the warm-hearted woman, the nymphomaniac, the successful lawyer, the evil old rascal, and many more characters of different descriptions, are contained within one body. This body belongs to a woman lawyer, who is called Marianna Lipton, 168 cm tall, and 46 years of age. And apart from the fact that she had suffered from unbearable psychological anguish at times, these were - until a few years ago - the only things she could know about herself for certain.

Marianna and the one and a half dozen therapists who had treated her from the age of 19 could not find any explanation of the forces which seemed to tear her apart - until the psychiatrist Frank Putnam diagnosed an illness which belongs to the most mysterious neuro-psychotic syndromes of all: Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).This is what experts call a kind of personality disorder which is hard to diagnose and even harder to cure.

The Ego of an MPD-Patient is split up into numerous, completely different personalities who are in constant interchange and determine the psyche and the actions of the patient. It is like a psycho-drama become real, varied and multi-layered, in which the "multiple" embodies all roles. (DER SPIEGEL, Year 43, 1989, Vol. 37, p. 220)

What modern psychiatrists describe as MPD, is - and this is our claim - not a special case in the development of the human psyche, but simply an outwardly noticeable view of what goes on inside every single one of us. Each of us has these multiple personalities inside ourselves, but they are not as excessively and obsessively in war with each other as with an MPD patient. They influence most people and their every day lives in an unobtrusive and unnoticeable manner.

You may find the idea that every individual contains several different personalities quite surprising, especially if you have just got used to the thought that the aim of man is to achieve unity. We do believe in unity, too. But still: Man as he exists today is not only schizophrenic, but polyphrenic, and he can hardly succeed in wanting unity, if he is not prepared to look at his fragmented self first. Therefore, our theory does not deal with the one visible person, but with the invisible person or with the soul or psyche of man which is multiple and manifold. We want to follow the tracks of the manifold.


What is a Persona Chart?

The horoscope - the stage of lifeThe birth horoscope is a "script of life" which gives me an exact overview of my "drama". If we translate the horoscope drawing into a view of a stage, the circle of the horoscope becomes the circle of the stage, and the planets turn into people or actors.

Every single person in the drama has his or her very own history, has individual energies, individual needs, has weaknesses and strengths, and individual physical and psychological responses. Each person has an individual way of going through life, as well as an individual path to consciousness.

The birth horoscope represents these twelve characters in their particular arrangement as parts of the whole. We want to show a new way of looking at the chart. We do not look at the whole, but consider its parts. We will not forget, of course, that whole is more than the sum of its parts. And we keep in mind that we will do what we are doing now only for a limited period of time. But we will do it anyway.

We learn a method by which we can take out a single one of these inner personalities, and look at it closely and independently from the others for a while. The birth chart provides us with little information about this personality: we only know the zodiacal sign, its house placing, and its relations with other planetary personalities. This is not a vast amount of information. For this reason we will take a step which might sound outrageous at first: we cast an individual horoscope for this inner personality.

The Sun brings it to lightThe individual characters on the stage of my life have birth dates themselves, i.e. they have to "come to light". This phrase contains the secret of their birth. They are born the moment the Sun, which has brought me (my outer self) to light (for example on 22.8.62, at 13h22), reaches this inner personality for the first time and thus "brings it to light". If Mars in this horoscope is 26 degrees 42 minutes Aquarius, the Sun reaches the "warrior" on 3.2.63 at 1h32. Now, I have the dates I need for Mars' horoscope: the birth date of the "warrior".

In technical terms: A Persona Chart is the chart for the first transit of the Sun over the position of another natal planet. All Persona Charts 'happen' within the first year after a person's birth, when the Sun makes its first circle around it, and 'wakes up' one subpersona after the other.

Mars persona chartWe call this horoscope a "persona chart". For one, this horoscope describes one of my inner "personalities", and secondly, it is derived from "per-sonare" and therefore associated with the motif of "that which rings through". Each of the inner personalities rings through the whole consisting of all the other personalities. A special sound rings through the whole chart. An individual sound!

This inner personality has - an ascendant - a ruler of the first house - a Sun, which is always the protagonist (because the Sun take the place which was taken by Mars before) - again 12 characters on the stage (!) - a midheaven.

We can treat this horoscope like a normal horoscope, but we have to keep in mind that it is not our chart, but the chart of this one person within us. We have to take care not to take this horoscope for the whole.

Persona charts are horoscopes of independent personalities - we cannot stress this often enough. Personalities inside me. The birth chart is the horoscope of the most important inner personality, of my Sun. (Therefore the Sun does not get an extra persona chart, because the horoscope this personality would have a year after birth - that is when the Sun returns to the place it had at birth - has already a different name: it is called Solar Return Chart). All the other inner personalities are relegated to second place in "traditional" astrology.

Persona charts are horoscopes which promote the other personalities beside the Sun to the rank of protagonists. They take these personalities more seriously than the birth chart does. We think it is really unfair that on the stage of life only the one (Sun) protagonist is endowed with a biography, and that only his life is given description. The other personalities are simply seen as minor characters. For this reason we want to provide a method which allows the reader to provide the other characters with biographies (i.e. life descriptions) of their own. It will occur to you that these personalities have unjustly been neglected for so long, and - to go even further - that they themselves have an ego and their own members of the cast!


Twelve (Archetypal) Personalities

Our system of persona charts consists of twelve inner personalities. But they can relate to each other, and these relations turn into independent personalities themselves. If each archetype, each individual personality relates to one other archetype, we get 66 different individual personalities. (And with relations of three, there are already 220.)

Here are our basic twelve:

Personality 1: "The warrior"
If I want to know more about the strength of my warrior, or my capability to assert myself in the world aggressively, about my way of fighting, whether I am a coward or a hero, what I find worth fighting for and by what means - I look at my Mars persona chart.

Personality 2: "The beauty"
If I want to know more about my security or insecurities, my values and self-worth, my sensuality, my sexual desire and my general capability to enjoy - I look at my Venus persona chart.

Personality 3: "The intellectual"
If I want to know more about my flexibility, about my (verbal and mimic) interaction with the outer world, about my way of functioning, my communicative competence, my intelligence - I look at my Mercury persona chart.

Personality 4: "The mother" ("The little child")
If I want to know more about my femininity, my feelings, my inner child and my feeling of security and comfort, i.e. the feminine part of my psyche - I look at my Moon persona chart. We consider this persona chart (beside the birth chart) the most important instrument for exploring a person's inner world.

Personality 5: "The hero" ("The father")
If I want to know more about my vitality, my Ego, the life force inside me - I need to look at my Sun persona chart. But, in fact, I have got it already, as it is my birth horoscope!

Personality 6: "Reason" ("The reprimanding person")
If I want to know more about my way of dealing with the necessities and constraints of life, about the circumstances I have to adapt to, and about the things I have to accept - I look at my Mercury persona chart (which is identical with the persona chart of person 3).

Personality 7: "The other"
If I want to know more about my relationship with other people, with partners, and with the world - I must look at my Venus persona chart (the same as for person 2).

Personality 8: "The fanatic"
If I want to know more about the way I can deal with the demonic, with the god of the underworld, with the forces which want to prevent me from living - I must look at my Pluto persona chart.

Personality 9: "The philosopher"
If I want to know more about the meaningfulness of my life, about the therapist inside me, about the role "religio" plays in my life - I take a look at my Jupiter persona chart.

Personality 10: "The old man or woman" ("The guardian of the law")
If I want to know more about "law", about my higher calling, my vocation or about the truths fate wants to teach me (which I do not want to learn) - I look at my Saturn persona chart.

Personality 11: "The liberator"
If I want to know more about the area of my life in which I must free myself from ties, about my way of realising liberty and independence - I look at my Uranus persona chart.

Personality 12: "The master"
If I want to know more about the transition from lie to truth, about the world of "maya", of illusion, and about how to transcend illusion to get to the world behind the world - I look at my Neptune persona chart.


The Appearance of Inner Personalities

Levels of consciousness

Our inner personas appear on different levels of consciousness. Therefore, they have different ways of appearing in our lives. We can visualise this fact with the help of a three dimensional horoscope or live stage. The level in the center shows those personas whom we are aware of, the top and bottom level show unconscious parts of our personality. The unconscious levels do not need to be limited to two, and, of course there can be different degrees of (un)consciousness.

From a psychological point of view, it makes sense to distinguiush four levels of consciousness on which the inner personalities can appear in our lives:

1. Personalities with whom we identify ourselves
There is a consensus between them and our conscious self. They are endowed with energies and take part in my conscious encounter with the world. This means they are honoured, polished and sent into world as representatives of my will and self-image. They are what we call "ambassadors" in diplomatic language. A country sends a representative to another country in order to be represented there with dignity. The ambassador's task is to make an impression.

2. Personalities with whom we do not identify, but whose appearance and manner we know nevertheless
They do not receive identifying energies from me, they are no ambassadors, because I treat them as "persona non grata". They are unwelcome participants in my (life) drama. I know that they exist, and I even know that they are right in what they say. I also know that they have a right to take part in my play, but whenever they appear on stage, I try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. They have fallen out of favour as representatives of my country, and I refuse to give them enough energy to enable them to realise their intentions (they often appear as "admonitory or reprimanding voice").

3. Personalities whom I do not know, and whose real mission is "secret", i.e. it is unconscious
They never confront me openly with their true views and attitudes, but work quietly and inconspicuously towards their own aims and interests, and these are not the interests of the conscious person. In our example of diplomatic language, this means: They are the special agents of our own secret service, who work within our own embassy, but for a different ministry, and about whom the ambassador has not been informed. These personalities serve different masters, and this is what confuses me deeply. Since I am not allowed to know about their secret mission - and do not want to know as I dislike the secret service for reasons of honour and moral cleanness - there is a conflict of interests.

4. Personalities whom I do not know, whose mission is as secret as that of the third kind of personalities, who do not confront me directly, but who are actively working towards my destruction and ruin
Figuratively speaking, this means that they are members of a foreign secret service within my embassy. They appear to come from a hostile secret service, and to collect material against me within my own walls. This material is designed to lead to my physical ruin. They want to occupy my country.

Personalities of the fourth kind can be considered the core of the MPD-syndrome as described by psychiatrists. Insofar it seems clear that "multiples" are always in great danger of self-destruction through suicide. Even more, the phenomenon of suicide on the whole appears to be initiated by a personality of the fourth kind. The reason why they are rarely successful is that personalities of the third kind try to prevent self-destruction. There is, just like in any good spy thriller, a fight within the own embassy between agents of the home country against the agents of a foreign country. And the ambassador is usually unaware of it all.

The transfer of inner personalities to the outside, for example to a psychotherapist makes the issue of the so-called psychological "transference" (and "counter transference") plausible. A personality is indeed "carried over" ("trans-ferred"). But this "release" mechanism does not only work with a therapist. If a personality (of the third or fourth kind) is not allowed to come to light, it is possible that it manifests itself in the outside world, in the projection onto people surrounding me. The awareness that what confronts me in the outside world is part of my own inner self helps to promote these inner personalities into consciousness and grant them their proper place in my life.


Tips for Interpretation

The following recommendations are simply suggestions which need to be tested, and which are meant to help you to explore unknown territory: your own inner world.

1) The most important unconscious personality is the ruler of the first house of the birth chart. If you have, for example, a libra ascendant, the main thing is to explore your Venus persona chart. There's always a good surprise in the persona chart of the ruler of the ascendant.

2) The persona chart of the Moon informs you about the energies of the feminine side of your psyche. Just like the birth horoscope can be called the yang horoscope, we describe the Moon persona chart as the yin horoscope, its female counterpart. To access and understand her, you have to look at feelings buried deep inside.

3) The ascendant of a persona chart shows the deepest sphere of the unconscious which has to be found and understood by this personality. The ascendant of an unconscious inner personality also shows the forces which want to come to light, and which want to make their way to the surface with a great boost.

4) A persona chart's Sun is always considered the ego of this inner personality. But not THE ego! Saturn, for example, possesses an ego, a will to realise itself which speaks the words "I want ...". Part of this persona chart ego is known from the birth chart, because the Sun of the persona chart always occupies the place which is held by the planet itself in the birth chart. However, the house placing of this persona ego is completely unknown. Just for the sake of finding out the house placing of the persona ego within its own chart, creating a persona chart makes sense. Not only does it tell us how this personality articulates itself, but also where it does so, i.e. in which sphere of life.

5) The midheaven of a persona chart shows which fate the individual personalities encounter here on earth. It is the quintessence of the path which leads from the "unconscious" (ascendant) to the "light of consciousness" (midheaven). Whether this path is followed to the very end by the individual cannot be known. Whether the inner personalities come to consciousness, appears to depend on the intensity of the effort put into the venture, and on individual achievement.

It seems to us that a human who has integrated all inner personalities into full consciousness would have finished his way here on earth. We might deduce a law from this: Each inner personality I have found, renders my world poorer by one person. If the world outside does not owe me any more (inner) personalities, it may well be that it has fulfilled its function and may I leave.


Twelve Hypotheses

From their astrological experience as well as their therapeutical work with clients, the authors have distilled the following twelve hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1: Our inner self contains twelve personalities, each with different needs and interests, and each with different kinds of energies which help them to realise and satisfy these needs. These energies are also different in every human.

Hypothesis 2: These twelve personalities have to confront us at times from the outside. In order to perceive them as part of our inner self, we have to meet them in the outside world - only then do we concentrate on them sufficiently.

Hypothesis 3: Most of these inner personalities remain unidentified by us, they remain strangers.

Hypothesis 4: That which is not identified by my conscious self can do as it pleases inside me. I do perceive the visible symptoms of the workings of these unidentified personalities, but not the "real" personalities with all their needs.

Hypothesis 5: A personality working against me means that I do not want to let it take part in my conscious life, I do not want it to be part of my world. I try to label it as "unconscious" because it offends my pleasure principle and hurts my ego.

Hypothesis 6: My inner personalities prepare their entry into my life for a long time before they actually appear in the outside world. They confront me from the outside (cf. thesis 2) because I must get to know them in a way which allows me to perceive them, and then accept them as part of myself. My psyche is now prepared to integrate this personality, even if it is connected with a momentary phase of desperation and hopelessness which makes me suffer.

Hypothesis 7: As long as I do not know all my inner personalities, I do not know any of them. Therefore it is no good thinking: "Well, at least I have identified four personalities. They are on the plus side of my account." Behind every conscious personality there is at least one (if not more) unconscious personality who remains unknown to the conscious personality, and who manipulates its thinking or action.

Hypothesis 8: Some of my inner personalities cannot be identified by the conscious self, because they do not wish to come to the light of consciousness. Especially (inner) personalities who have met a dramatic (mostly sexual) trauma in their childhood desperately try not to become identified. These personalities haunt the spheres of the unconscious as eminently destructive forces. They become dark shadows which interfere in our conscious doings and terrorise our lives unimaginably.

Hypothesis 9: Every higher being, every guru or spiritual leader (projected to the outside) is nothing but a personality of the third (sometimes of the fourth) kind who "speaks" to me because it is part of my self. The only "beyond" or "transcendental" about these beings is that they are beyond my consciousness (i.e. within my unconscious). Their messages do not come from Alpha Centauri, but from my inner self, and they want to show me a problem within this inner self. Therefore, these messages - however wise they might sound - have to be considered in the psychodynamic context of my own self. Only then do they make sense.

Hypothesis 10: All unconscious inner personalities of the third (or fourth) kind contain a deeply manifested mechanism: They want to come to the light of consciousness. This is what they work for, even if our conscious self does not understand the means they use. They do not feel comfortable in the diaspora of the psyche, in their exile to which they are condemned. Therefore they work for their discovery. But paradoxically, the real enemy whom they have to confront is consciousness itself. I do not want to allow these personalities to become conscious, and I will do anything to keep them hidden in the dark cellars of the unconscious.

Hypothesis 11: Inner personalities have to be met on their own level inside the psyche. It is important to communicate with them in their "home sphere". Since personalities of the third and fourth kind live in the depths of my psyche, it is necessary to descend to the depths, which means we need to create a different state of consciousness. Tried and tested as well as safe means to this end are trance, breathing techniques, music and light.

Hypothesis 12: Each person confronting me from the outside at any given time is a clear message that the parallel inner personality inside me is now prepared to come out into the open. This personality is always of the second, third or fourth kind. Personalities of the first kind do not need to be met outside, since I am already aware of them as part of myself. But since personalities of deeper spheres tend to interfere in the business of personalities in the surface area, it appears to me as if I have met a lovely sympathetic person who I can easily identify with, and with whom I could even fall in love. These people show themselves at their (i.e. my) best. But after a while they have to show their other side, and show me the Janus face of my own deeper spheres. This is the meaning of my life drama: those expelled and banished personalities have to return to me one by one.



Persona Charts at Astrodienst

We at Astrodienst have taken up Orban/Zinnel's idea, and can offer you persona charts in various varieties. You can buy persona chart drawings in our shop (only in German), or look at your nine persona charts in the "Extended chart selection" of "Free Horoscopes".

Of course, this concept can be developed further, and some of the more curious astrologers will certainly cast persona charts for Chiron, (both!) Moon's Nodes, ascendants or midheavens.


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