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Twelve Hypotheses

From their astrological experience as well as their therapeutical work with clients, the authors have distilled the following twelve hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1: Our inner self contains twelve personalities, each with different needs and interests, and each with different kinds of energies which help them to realise and satisfy these needs. These energies are also different in every human.

Hypothesis 2: These twelve personalities have to confront us at times from the outside. In order to perceive them as part of our inner self, we have to meet them in the outside world - only then do we concentrate on them sufficiently.

Hypothesis 3: Most of these inner personalities remain unidentified by us, they remain strangers.

Hypothesis 4: That which is not identified by my conscious self can do as it pleases inside me. I do perceive the visible symptoms of the workings of these unidentified personalities, but not the "real" personalities with all their needs.

Hypothesis 5: A personality working against me means that I do not want to let it take part in my conscious life, I do not want it to be part of my world. I try to label it as "unconscious" because it offends my pleasure principle and hurts my ego.

Hypothesis 6: My inner personalities prepare their entry into my life for a long time before they actually appear in the outside world. They confront me from the outside (cf. thesis 2) because I must get to know them in a way which allows me to perceive them, and then accept them as part of myself. My psyche is now prepared to integrate this personality, even if it is connected with a momentary phase of desperation and hopelessness which makes me suffer.

Hypothesis 7: As long as I do not know all my inner personalities, I do not know any of them. Therefore it is no good thinking: "Well, at least I have identified four personalities. They are on the plus side of my account." Behind every conscious personality there is at least one (if not more) unconscious personality who remains unknown to the conscious personality, and who manipulates its thinking or action.

Hypothesis 8: Some of my inner personalities cannot be identified by the conscious self, because they do not wish to come to the light of consciousness. Especially (inner) personalities who have met a dramatic (mostly sexual) trauma in their childhood desperately try not to become identified. These personalities haunt the spheres of the unconscious as eminently destructive forces. They become dark shadows which interfere in our conscious doings and terrorise our lives unimaginably.

Hypothesis 9: Every higher being, every guru or spiritual leader (projected to the outside) is nothing but a personality of the third (sometimes of the fourth) kind who "speaks" to me because it is part of my self. The only "beyond" or "transcendental" about these beings is that they are beyond my consciousness (i.e. within my unconscious). Their messages do not come from Alpha Centauri, but from my inner self, and they want to show me a problem within this inner self. Therefore, these messages - however wise they might sound - have to be considered in the psychodynamic context of my own self. Only then do they make sense.

Hypothesis 10: All unconscious inner personalities of the third (or fourth) kind contain a deeply manifested mechanism: They want to come to the light of consciousness. This is what they work for, even if our conscious self does not understand the means they use. They do not feel comfortable in the diaspora of the psyche, in their exile to which they are condemned. Therefore they work for their discovery. But paradoxically, the real enemy whom they have to confront is consciousness itself. I do not want to allow these personalities to become conscious, and I will do anything to keep them hidden in the dark cellars of the unconscious.

Hypothesis 11: Inner personalities have to be met on their own level inside the psyche. It is important to communicate with them in their "home sphere". Since personalities of the third and fourth kind live in the depths of my psyche, it is necessary to descend to the depths, which means we need to create a different state of consciousness. Tried and tested as well as safe means to this end are trance, breathing techniques, music and light.

Hypothesis 12: Each person confronting me from the outside at any given time is a clear message that the parallel inner personality inside me is now prepared to come out into the open. This personality is always of the second, third or fourth kind. Personalities of the first kind do not need to be met outside, since I am already aware of them as part of myself. But since personalities of deeper spheres tend to interfere in the business of personalities in the surface area, it appears to me as if I have met a lovely sympathetic person who I can easily identify with, and with whom I could even fall in love. These people show themselves at their (i.e. my) best. But after a while they have to show their other side, and show me the Janus face of my own deeper spheres. This is the meaning of my life drama: those expelled and banished personalities have to return to me one by one.


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