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Twelve (Archetypal) Personalities

Our system of persona charts consists of twelve inner personalities. But they can relate to each other, and these relations turn into independent personalities themselves. If each archetype, each individual personality relates to one other archetype, we get 66 different individual personalities. (And with relations of three, there are already 220.)

Here are our basic twelve:

Personality 1: "The warrior"
If I want to know more about the strength of my warrior, or my capability to assert myself in the world aggressively, about my way of fighting, whether I am a coward or a hero, what I find worth fighting for and by what means - I look at my Mars persona chart.

Personality 2: "The beauty"
If I want to know more about my security or insecurities, my values and self-worth, my sensuality, my sexual desire and my general capability to enjoy - I look at my Venus persona chart.

Personality 3: "The intellectual"
If I want to know more about my flexibility, about my (verbal and mimic) interaction with the outer world, about my way of functioning, my communicative competence, my intelligence - I look at my Mercury persona chart.

Personality 4: "The mother" ("The little child")
If I want to know more about my femininity, my feelings, my inner child and my feeling of security and comfort, i.e. the feminine part of my psyche - I look at my Moon persona chart. We consider this persona chart (beside the birth chart) the most important instrument for exploring a person's inner world.

Personality 5: "The hero" ("The father")
If I want to know more about my vitality, my Ego, the life force inside me - I need to look at my Sun persona chart. But, in fact, I have got it already, as it is my birth horoscope!

Personality 6: "Reason" ("The reprimanding person")
If I want to know more about my way of dealing with the necessities and constraints of life, about the circumstances I have to adapt to, and about the things I have to accept - I look at my Mercury persona chart (which is identical with the persona chart of person 3).

Personality 7: "The other"
If I want to know more about my relationship with other people, with partners, and with the world - I must look at my Venus persona chart (the same as for person 2).

Personality 8: "The fanatic"
If I want to know more about the way I can deal with the demonic, with the god of the underworld, with the forces which want to prevent me from living - I must look at my Pluto persona chart.

Personality 9: "The philosopher"
If I want to know more about the meaningfulness of my life, about the therapist inside me, about the role "religio" plays in my life - I take a look at my Jupiter persona chart.

Personality 10: "The old man or woman" ("The guardian of the law")
If I want to know more about "law", about my higher calling, my vocation or about the truths fate wants to teach me (which I do not want to learn) - I look at my Saturn persona chart.

Personality 11: "The liberator"
If I want to know more about the area of my life in which I must free myself from ties, about my way of realising liberty and independence - I look at my Uranus persona chart.

Personality 12: "The master"
If I want to know more about the transition from lie to truth, about the world of "maya", of illusion, and about how to transcend illusion to get to the world behind the world - I look at my Neptune persona chart.


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