Fire - Intuitive Type

Intuition is the strength of this type. As with the sensation type, he is considered irrational in the sense of not judging. But he differs from the former in that his perception is based on mental or spiritual concepts. He receives his knowledge not by collecting and ordering facts, but by spontaneous insights which "erupt" into consciousness.

Fire is the astrological element of the intiuitive type. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the zodiacal fire signs. Poeple with a predominance of fire signs tend to be easily inflamed. Their spontaneity is almost proverbial. The Arien is focused on action which leaves everything else aside. Leo people are said to have a childlike directness and immediacy. People with Sagittarius dominating their chart experience the world through visionary insights.


The individual with a dominant intuitive function runs the risk of being restricted by the hard facts of reality. If, in his fervour, he ignores the limitations of the material, his spiritual energy goes into the void. His commitment and farsightedness can make him overlook the obvious. Great visions remain unfulfilled and stuck in the world of the mind.

The half-god Prometheus brought the fire to humans which is the source of their spiritual and mental development. But without utilising this fire in a practical way it would have been useless and disappeared without a trace. In this sense, it is important for the fire type not to remain isolated within spiritual spheres, but to value and cultivate the opposing function of sensation and realism.


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23-Oct-2014, 15:49 UT/GMT
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Pluto11Capricorn14' 7"
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