Water - Feeling Type

The feeling type is the polar opposite of the thinker. According to the motto "opposites attract", members of both types are often fascinated by each other. As with the thinking function Jung calls the feeling function "rational". It differs from the thinking function in that it evaluates situations and people using emotional criteria. This type is very sensitive to moods and atmospheres.

In astrology, the horoscope of a feeling type would show a predominance of the water signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. All of these signs approach their environment from an emotional point of view. Water types often act on their emotions rather than on reasoned argument. Most important to them is personal well-being - their own as well as that of others. Intuition, compassion and empathy, for example, are typical of cancer and pisces.


The individual with a predominance of water is, as opposed to the air type, endowed with the gift of being open to the dimension of the unconscious. Dreams and imagination are particularly meaningful to this kind of person. Scorpio, for instance, is particularly attuned to the instinctual, dark side of life.

If the feeling function is overdeveloped within a person, he runs the risk of retreating completely from the "lighter" world of thought. He is controlled by subjective drives without accepting reason as a valid measure. Even though the reactions of water types to personal situations are almost unerringly accurate and appropriate (Liz Greene), it is still important for them to accept the importance of the world of logic.


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