Do You Moondance?

By Sioux Rose

Women, cat and moonAstrologers understand something about our solar system’s design that astronomers do not. By studying the cosmic clockworks and coming to recognize the patterns these give rise to, star seers witness a Divine Order at work. Astrologers seek and find cosmic concordance and directly witness the handiwork of The Master Clockmaker. The planetary bodies have not only been skillfully set on their various orbital courses, they are also timed to fulfill specific purposes. Each one relays its mandate through its own unique messaging system. Although the moon is not technically a planet, Astrologers recognize Luna’s relationship to the tidal fluxes that animate human feelings. Like a graceful conductor, the moon directs the rhythms of the oceans’ tides. This luminary also regulates the hormonal tides that wax and wane within the female body. Think about it: the lunar cycle orbed to twenty-nine days matches the menstrual cycles of all healthy human females of childbearing age! Interestingly enough, no research has ever been conducted to study the variables of human emotion in relation to the lunar cycle. The direct influence of the moon, Yin counterpart to the Yang sun, has been largely left in the dark. That is until Moon Dance opened “this book of the night” for sentient souls’ further scrutiny.

Mankind is passing through an inordinately materialistic era. The mores that define our collective value systems reflect the goals and preferences of a “marketplace culture.” Its prevailing ethos places premiums on convenience, profit, and uniformity. With so many aspects of life defined by those parameters, it’s not surprising that psychology and medicine succumb largely to a “one size fits all” model. But is it true? Factories may benefit from assembly-line efficiency, but human beings express as 12 basic types. We are not all equally moved (or manipulated) by the same motivation. It’s not a coincidence that Jesus specifically sought out 12 disciples, that Abraham founded 12 tribes, and that the Zodiac identifies 12 celestial archetypes. The marketplace culture emphasizes uniformity. Years ago, factory workers took pride in what their efforts built. Today, workers are placed in niches where they endlessly repeat the same tasks like cogs in a wheel. Nor does the workplace generally tolerate any shows of emotion. Employees are expected to conform to protocols and meet deadlines in behaviors ideally suited to robots. It’s regarded as “unprofessional” to show one’s feelings. When emotions are forced into suppression, social dysfunctions result. American society is incredibly violent (recent school shootings are one example); and there are astounding levels of Depression, alcoholism, obesity, and drug abuse. These phenomena reflect the ways that people adapt to the emptiness of their inner lives. Whole portions of the human psyche have been cordoned off. Given the widespread evidence of maladaptive behaviors, can anything be gained from studying the moon’s cycles? As an astrologer who’s studied the Moon’s vital role in clients’ lives, I believe it can. In fact, genuine enlightenment awaits those who are ready to take the ultimate journey. Its destination is the inner self, featuring self-awareness a s its Mecca. The premise recognizes the inherent wisdom left by Mercury on the Temple wall: “Know thyself.”

Every planet exerts both positive and negative potentials, as do all signs; however it is the moon that serves as the celestial ambassador tied directly to what we feel. Luna’s movements give rise to the vast spectrum of emotions that flesh (especially female flesh) is heir to. If we take the time to correlate our feelings to the lunar cycle, over time we can anticipate these rhythmic fluxes before each one manifests. Emotions generally follow a lunar track. If a richer self-knowledge is sought, treasure can be found by mapping one’s inner journey. Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time guides readers in deepening their understanding of their linkage with the moon’s orbital journey. Another factor to consider is that the moon acts as our planet’s memory-keeper. Every sentient soul that’s walked this earth has lived their life story under the moon’s watchful eye. Luna retains the template of all human experience. And since human experience expresses largely through 12 basic archetypes, we enrich our understanding by noting how the Zodiac signs take their meanings (and character) from the Ancient Myths. When the moon makes her crossing of all signs (each and every month) she rouses the archetype that resides in each one. Individuals actualize these archetypal energies in their own unique manners.

I developed Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time to serve as a guided tour into those places where psyche meets (and dances with) the archetypes of time. The Zodiac circle teaches us that all sentient beings are connected, and that ultimately, everything comes full circle. A part of our Essence travels with the planets, especially the moon. This allows us to experience what is not necessarily familiar or not yet integrated into our psychic structure. For instance: Suppose we lack planets in earth signs? Then every time the Moon transits an Earth sign, we gain the opportunity to connect with that element. Gradually we build up a connection that offsets the missing elemental link. What compelled me to write this book from the perspective of the astrologer (who recognized the pivotal role played by the moon) was learning that millions of persons were being routinely prescribed anti-Depressant drugs. These high numbers suggest a Canary in the Coal-mine syndrome being treated through covert social engineering. What does it say about a given society if millions must medicate to function within it?

shellAstrology regards the Moon as a Yin planet, so naturally it’s associated with women. The sun, its complement, generally refers to men and masculine behaviors. American society tolerates some emotional expression in women, but virtually none (apart from anger) in men. Huge displays of emotion are primarily reserved for our modern day Roman Arenas, the football stadiums. Is this distinction linked to the moon, gender-based cultural norms, or both? Bottom line: women tend to be more in touch with their feelings. That’s why it’s no surprise that most anti-Depressant medications go to females. (I’ve also seen Cancer men wrestle with profound emotional gyrations due to their intimate link with the moon.)

The moon illuminates the landscape of our inner lives with cosmic chemistry factoring powerfully into the mix. For example: a fire sign moon-native is apt to feel sluggish and earthbound when the moon transits an earth sign. In contrast, a water sign moon-native tends to feel steady, secure, and contained during those lunar intervals. The lunar cycle recurs every twenty-nine days; that means the moon spends about 2.4 days in each successive sign. One can design a personal Moon Dance journal and thereby record what they feel each month when the moon crosses the same sign. Over time, clear patterns will emerge. However, it’s important to mention that no two days are ever fully alike. That’s because when the moon returns to the same sign every 29 days, the sun will have moved onto the next sign. Indeed, the entire stellar panoply will have altered. It’s best to envision the Astro-logos as a celestial kaleidoscope. The changing facets constantly create new designs, yet the basic hues remain. Ultimately, the moon’s influence will stand out. Your journal will reveal that your moods are not accidental. In time you will come to see that there is a profound lunar method to the great cosmic “madness.”

Moon Dance showed me that my best writing comes when the moon transits Virgo. I intuitively gravitate to the precise word that delivers “the goods.” I tend to access visionary ideas when the moon transits Aquarius, and have more patience for dealing with mundane tasks when the moon transits Capricorn. I try to avoid long trips or airline flights at such times because things move very slowly. The Virgo moon rings true to the sign’s cleanliness mandate, for it’s typically then that I feel the urge to deal with laundry or clean in places (like behind the refrigerator) that I would otherwise ignore. Each of us resonates differently to the music of spheres, the keys to Time’s Original Archetypes. My experience may not fit yours. For advanced Moon Dancers, it’s helpful to keep track of the lunar cycles of all family members. In this way, you can anticipate opportunity as well as potentials for charged intervals before either arrives. That, my friends, is cosmic therapy at its best!

Many moons ago I lived with a difficult, albeit passionate man whose Aries Sun fell in square to his Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer. My Libra daughter’s sun exactly opposed his sun and also squared his Mars-Saturn. Meanwhile my Saturn-Libra opposed his sun (also conjunct my daughter’s sun) and squared his Mars-Saturn Cancer. Needless to say, our family went on “Red alert” each month when the moon crossed Cancer.

Edgar Cayce, America’s Sleeping Prophet defined family life as the hotbed of karma. Not every family possesses volatile astrological components. However, karmic short circuits certainly exist for most. They can be discovered if you look for them. Moon Dance was designed to promote each reader’s personal discovery process. We all experience the moon’s journey, along with those of other planets, in relation to our unique natal chart wiring. Because science (apart from quantum physics) is rather locked into materiality, it’s convinced many thinking persons that the planets cannot possibly affect them. It does not seem logical from an earthbound perspective, that a “body” out there can influence one’s body down here. Mystics, in contrast, regard the living world as a unified web of life. It’s held together through the incomprehensible workings of a vast network of energized threads of light. Any perturbation to one thread reverberates throughout the entire fabric.

Those who dismiss as “coincidence” the moon’s orbital connection to the menses of half the world’s population exhibit shortsighted thinking. The same can be said for those who say they “don’t believe in astrology,” I tend to offer the snappy retort that: “Gravity doesn’t believe in you, either.” Face it: when it comes to the binding nature of universal law, human belief is not a requirement. Whether one agrees or otherwise: water freezes when it reaches 32-degrees. Then there’s the analogy between human anatomy, chemistry, and the cosmos. Something profound is observed in the way that tiny atoms replicate the great cosmic design plan. In the case of atoms, microscopic electrons spin their orbs around the atomic nucleus. In the solar system, the planets enact similar circle dances around a central sun. Could our planet serve as a mere atom in the body of Creator? That sort of conjecture got one killed centuries ago!

ZodiacTo expand empathy beyond what is familiar, the moon invites us to come along as she journeys through the topography of the Collective Soul. Sharing her passages, we vicariously experience all 12 archetypal expressions. When we align with our feelings-nature, we are able to tap into the essence of each one. The moon serves as the vehicle that allows us to truly become one with all that is. In this way, we can meld with all aspects of Creation. Therefore, on inner planes we become the 12 archetypes of time.

Have you ever wondered why people ACT, and sometimes even resemble, the signs they are born under? The answer carries a bit of cosmic poetry. When the sun (the father principle, supreme Yang) unites with the moon (the mother principle, supreme Yin) during each month’s new moon, the pair’s unified force field creates a cosmic consummation. Together they give birth to the archetype that dwells in the sign-realm of their meeting. This explains how the Aries person takes on ram-like features, or why the Taurus individual can act like a bull. Each is the progeny of a communion of the Lights. We mortals reflect in temperament, something suggestive of cosmic DNA.

The zodiac signs are charged with a Divine fire that’s qualitatively distributed through 12 specific prisms. Each one is distinguished by its particular quality of light, or ray. A number of gifted clairvoyants have refined the Zodiac Mandala into keen analyses of each of its 360-degree rays. This data pool mirrors the Akashic Record. The correspondences I’ve witnessed are proof positive of a Divine Order at work. Ultimately, we live in a mysterious world full of marvels. As the Divine Parent principles merge regularly at new moon, they invoke each one of timeless archetypes from the universal tide pool in due order. And so here we are in the great swim of things!

To conclude our discussion, we’ll take a look at the archetypes of time as invoked by the moon in her monthly passage across all 12 Zodiac signs. (For a fuller explanation, check out: Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time.) I have taken a number of liberties in merging specific mythological personae with certain signs. For instance, I chose the Female Goddess Artemis to represent the sign of Aquarius, Pan to represent Sagittarius, and Persephone (as well as Pluto) to represent Scorpio. These choices result from 30 years of astrological research and counseling. It’s my view that the archetypes selected profoundly suit the nature of the signs in question. They also unearth ancient roots that shape each one’s persona. Let’s Moon Dance!

Introducing the Archetypes of Time


AriesIn her intriguing book, Gods in Everyman, author Jean Shinoda Bolen describes Mars as both a warrior and a lover. What do both expressions have in common? The answer is passion; and passion tends to act as a fiery fuel. It can generate almost anything. What’s required is wisely navigating the force. There lies the karmic rub. Aries, the sign awakened to the animating force of spring, has enormous energy at its disposal. However, as the first sign on the wheel of experience, Aries has not yet learned to refine his own temperament. Therefore, in using this new and powerful force, mistakes are bound to happen. Mars is related to the fight or flight syndrome. It’s also deeply tied to the ego. Without a separate sense of self, there could be no plan for human evolution. After all, it takes trial and error for entities to learn how to refine their natures.

When the moon crosses Aries each month, we tend to feel an inner surge that sends us into action. We also learn what shape our egos are in. Should you find yourself feeling roused to aggression, you may wish to explore better ways to release pent up energy. Exercise comes to mind along with innovative or pioneering projects. Observe: How much is your sense of self “crowding out” your capacity to hear others or get along with them?


TaurusAstrology links Venus to Taurus, yet we deepen our understanding of this sign by recognizing its tie to Demeter, the great Earth Mother. Taurus, after all, is the first earth sign and it’s related to planting, farming, gardens, and the fruit of the land. All of that comes under Demeter’s purview in mythology. Traditional astrology tells us that the moon (symbolic of the Mother) is exalted in Taurus, the sign characterized by what nurtures the senses. Taurus relates to the mouth and our first nourishment. The mother’s breasts were designed to serve as the primary source of nourishment to the newborn baby. When the moon transits Taurus, we should consciously nurture our body temples. It’s the perfect time to bake or break bread with others. This transit invites us to connect to the earth. Should we feel flighty and “ungrounded,” we can walk barefoot upon Pacha-mama and we’ll soon feel grounded and serene.


GeminiMythology and conventional astrology align when it comes to the nature of the Zodiac’s twins. Mercury, the winged god, presides over roadways, communication venues, and the marketplace. What Gemini doesn’t love his cell-phone, car, or local bazaar—the flea market? When the moon transits this lively sign, observe your belief system and whether your actions correspond with your stated intentions. Many of us enter into debates with our “hidden twin” at this time. Carlos Casteneda’s teacher Don Juan noted this all too human pattern and termed it “the internal dialog.” Lots of projection takes place when the moon crosses Gemini because polarity comes into effect. If your personal philosophy is liberal, you may meet up with conservative thinkers or otherwise project your “inner authoritarian” onto others. These ideological challenges lead to the debates that Mercury thrives on! The great irony is that the person you’re arguing with could ultimately represent (a part of) yourself!


CancerCancer is the undisputed home-sign of the moon, and it holds dominion over family life and conditions around the home. This moon-ruled sign opens our memory banks and tends to replay all of the karmic dramas that flesh is heir to. As a result, during the moon’s monthly passage across Cancer, family dramas (even those that recede far back in time) recapitulate. Author John Bradshaw (Homecoming) suggested that 90% of families are dysfunctional. In addition, America’s most revered mystic Edgar Cayce termed family life “the hotbed of karma.” When the moon transits Cancer, be mindful of old familiar dynamics and see if you can defuse conflict before it erupts. In Moon Dance, I tie the Goddess Athena to Cancer because she serves as the foremost proponent of traditional (patriarchal) family values.


LeoBasic astrology links Leo with the sun; and what mythological persona is known for drawing the sun across the sky in his chariot? It’s Apollo. There is something forever childlike about most Leos. The sunny optimism is reminiscent of Icarus in his quest to fly close to the sun (whereby his wings melted and he met an unfortunate fate). Leo, the sign realm of the heart is typically hooked on romance, and directly associated with love. The sign of the lion governs the 5th house, and it’s regarded as the seat of creativity. We partake of something Divine--something suggestive of the qualities of Creator--when we express creativity in inspired ways. When the moon transits Leo, most people are stirred by life’s romance. We respond instinctively to the state of our hearts… or libidos. The Tarot’s lion card reminds that we either learn to ride our passions, or they will ride us.


VirgoThe 6th Zodiac sign represents the “house of health matters.” And since Mercury already governs Gemini, I looked into myth and discovered Hestia’s close approximation to the characteristics of this sign. Virgo represents the calling felt by healers, especially female healers. Jean Shinoda Bolen terms Hestia one of the “virgin” Goddesses in her book, Goddesses in Every Woman. That designation fits the traditional astrological portrait of Virgo. Like it or not, when the moon crosses Virgo, we’re prompted to take stock of the state of our bodies, look more honestly at our diets, and organize our lives, offices, and living spaces. Before our “issues” become lodged in our tissues, we’re advised to pay attention to stress factors and any unwise lifestyle practices. Truly, an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of (medically costly) cure.


LibraUntil the next new planet is discovered, Venus will govern both Taurus and Libra. However, mythology reminds us that Hera served as wife to Zeus. She is the persona directly related to the state of marriage. Naturally, Moon Dance links Hera (a/k/a Juno) with Libra. Arguably, Hera was the most powerful female on Olympus due to the status of her mate. Nonetheless, Zeus was a philanderer and that led Hera to take justice into her own hands. She was given to meting out unique punishments to Zeus’ various paramours. Juno/Hera represents the sacred vow of marriage, and it’s key to Libra’s sense of destiny and purpose. Although remembered for her rages (blamed as the woman scorned due to Zeus’ breaches of fidelity) she signifies the importance of justice and reminds us that our word is our bond.

When the moon makes its monthly visit to Libra, be mindful of your agreements with others and show consideration towards your mate. Work to maintain balance in the various endeavors of your life.


ScorpioWe reside in a society that’s made pornography the most profitable “enterprise” on the Internet. Across the globe women are raped every moment of every day, and the link between sex and violence remains all too real. This story, etched deep into the collective unconscious takes us to Persephone’s abduction by Pluto-Hades, god of the underworld. Since Scorpio is the sign of human sexuality, and also ruled by Pluto the abductor, it’s enlightening to learn more about the myth that explains much about this sign. Scorpio is the sign-realm where sexuality, the capacity for transformation, and forgiveness all meet. When Persephone, the precious daughter of Demeter was kidnapped by Pluto and held hostage in the underworld, Zeus initially did nothing. It was only when Demeter held back the harvests that Zeus instructed Pluto to release the girl for half the year. That was the compromise that mythology ties poetically to the annual changes of season. Scorpio shows us where we harbor wounds in need of the balm of catharsis (applied through the practice of forgiveness.) Today’s wounds are massive due to the profligate wastes of blood and treasure on war.

When the moon makes her monthly voyage through Scorpio, we sense where we are in need of healing. Relationships may call out for forgiveness as well as “Sexual healing.” Mysteries become revealed; otherwise, we sense mystery at work in our lives. Some people feel compelled to make the symbolic journey to the underworld to recover a “re-membered” portion of their psyches.


SagittariusWhile modern astrology ties the happy-go-lucky sign of Sagittarius to Jupiter-Zeus, quintessential C.E.O of Olympus, most things of genuine worth derive from the great Earth Mother (Nature). Before Zeus went corporate, his qualities were more akin to those of Pan, the naked nature god whose love of life came direct from indulging the senses. However, as the way of life enjoyed by Indigenous tribes for centuries gave way to modern urbanism, Zeus put on a suit and began to act like a corporate CEO. Etched into his soul memory was the record of earlier times when human beings lived close-to-nature as the norm.

When the moon crosses Sagittarius each month, we’re prompted to strip down to basics and connect with the natural world. Today’s notions about prosperity are absolutely decoupled from the actual state of the natural world. The higher the Stock Market’s “DOW,” the more ecosystems crash and burn. These false metrics of wealth devised by Wall Street’s fiscal alchemists have put living systems at risk. Little is more precious than an investment in one’s long-term health, and that includes the Planet’s health! When the Moon crosses Sagittarius, get physical! Hike, kayak, bike-ride, and find ways to explore the terrain around you. These practices will expand your thought process which is quite in keeping with the mandate of the Zodiac’s 9th house.


CapricornAs the last sign in the Zodiac's Cardinal Astrology typically equates Saturn’s transits with the maturation cycle of mortals. Major Saturn transits typically prune our lives of those experiences, persons, and things that stand in the way of new and necessary growth. In Shakespeare’s story of Hamlet, a young man finds himself haunted by the ghost of his murdered father. That ghost represents time, itself. After all, we frequently speak of “father time,” and every wasted minute takes us closer to our own mortality. This voice reminds Hamlet that he must not forget his anointed purpose. Saturn is traditionally linked to mundane ambitions and karma; in other words what lessons have we taken on embodiment to fulfill? Saturn is known for strictness and it often operates like the Zodiac’s boot camp sergeant. In Moon Dance, I tie the persona of old Chronos holding the hourglass to Capricorn. The sand that pours out measures the time allotted for our various plans and purposes, and thereby serves as an apt symbol for fate.

When the moon makes her monthly visit to Chronos’ domain, we’re inwardly compelled to use our time wisely. We do that by facing the tasks and projects that await our concentrated efforts. Management skills strengthen and we can accomplish much.


AquariusIn keeping with the spirit of the rebel, I rebelled against astrological convention by placing Uranus on the astrological back burner to allot to Aquarius, the fitting persona of Artemis. For centuries, Christians have worshipped Christ as the Divine son. Spawned from the light of Creation his persona holds parallels with Apollo. As it happens, Apollo, like Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars trilogy, had a twin sister! For Luke it was Leah, and for Apollo that sister is Artemis! Sharing the same womb, she is born of (and imbued by) the same Divine Essence. It’s my view that the Aquarian Age will manifest the virtues of peace, justice, and a new universal vision when the status of women worldwide changes. Due to patriarchal conditioning, humanity has failed to understand or extend due reverence to the feminine side of the Divine force. This omission has gone on for too long. Moon Dance bequeaths to Artemis, twin to Apollo, joint rulership of the sign that signals a “cosmic changing of the guard!”

When the moon transits Aquarius, rules loosen up and people challenge tradition and convention. Only by thinking, living, and acting "out of the box" can new inventions, amalgams, and possibilities emerge. These radical outcomes are directly associated with Aquarius.


PiscesWhile love-star Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra, she is exalted in Pisces. This exalted status extends unique honors and privileges. Traditional astrology assigns to Neptune-Poseidon rule of the sign of the fish. This designation certainly fits one fish. Could Venus, in the persona of Aphrodite, represent the other? Pisces is the place where the Zodiac comes full circle to meet itself. This metaphor suggests communion. Linked to the sea kingdoms, water draws everything into itself. It can move earth, absorb air, and put out fire. In this last of the water sign kingdoms, the boundaries drawn by ego diffuse. For these reasons, Moon Dance ties the sensual Goddess whose lovemaking skills made her infamous to Pisces. In one myth that chronicles Aphrodite’s origins, it’s alleged that she rose from the seas as they bubbled from her father’s severed genitals!

Pisces, the last Zodiac sign, rules the realm of dreaming. It’s also tied to drug experiences, mystical moments of at-onement, the shaman’s journey, madness, addiction, escapism, and the karma of “self-undoing.” While each of these states carries dangers, several hold the potential for invoking a rich communion among body, mind, and spirit. Rajneesh remarked: “Often lovers have known what saints have not.” He taught thousands that deep sexual communion could serve as a path to spiritual enlightenment. This radical perspective directly challenged the Judeo-Christian ethic that’s long tied sex to sin. By wielding this ideological tool, church-state elites have suppressed collective free will for centuries.

When the moon crosses Pisces many persons find the world heavy, so they retreat into addictive/escapist behaviors. Some choose the “fish path less traveled by,” and opt to dance, perform Yoga, meditate, or follow the guidance of poets by walking near (or otherwise entering into) the still waters. What better way to court the muse of the sea kingdom, or tap inspiration within? Christ, the fisher of men, taught by example that there is a Divine power inherent to compassion. It is compassion that heals all wounds. It also represents the higher path (or calling) for Pisces. Through personal suffering we gain empathy for others and the trials they face. Once empathy is extended, the walls built by ego (to create separation) break down. The Course in Miracles explains these dynamics.

Once we become embodied, we Moon Dance, so we might as well educate ourselves about the process to move consciously with the rhythms of time. I prefer to know in advance when the lunar cycle will favor my varied interests and pursuits. Being alive is to be fully sentient; and women (especially) were designed to experience the complete spectrum of feelings that the lunar cycle makes them heiress to. Those who drown out their emotions by reaching for the latest desensitizing pill forfeit the capacity to access the 12 personae of time. There is purpose to the tidal forces that shape and color our inner lives. If each lifetime provides an opportunity to gain greater self-mastery, turning off the emotional mechanisms is like cheating on your final exams. Only the truth shall set you free. Chemically anesthetizing sentience does nothing to improve one’s spiritual status.

With the moon serving as our lantern, the shadow aspects of our inner selves become illumined. Through the gift of Her light we can access a higher awareness. It doesn’t come from suppressing how (or what) we feel. Instead, by accessing the range of emotions that color the human experience we broaden our fundamental humanity. At essence, each of us is a living prism of time. And Creator has endowed us with various forms of sentience. The Aquarian Age invites us to tame our emotions not by denying them, but rather by learning what they exist to teach us. The Creation blueprint consists of twelve quintessential personae. To varying degrees, all of them live inside of us. With this knowledge serving as medicine, the heavenly plan points the way for human beings to learn to live more lovingly in a shared world of untold wonders. Moon Dances happen!

Sioux Rose has written popular horoscopes for 3 decades. Her latest books include "Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time", "Every Woman's Guide to Oracles" and "Dolphinity: The Twin Essence", a mystical novel, can be found at Amazon. Or visit Sioux's website for more information:


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