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The turning of the millenium

by Liz Greene


The Swissair Gazette asked the world-renowned Psychological Astrologist Dr. Liz Greene what her predictions were for the turning of the millennium we were in for a surprise, as Dr. Greene works in a far more complex way than we could imagine. Anyone trying to capitalize on the world's "apocalypse anxiety" is going to have a hole blown through his methods, so put your rational, scientific prejudices aside and listen up, as this woman has more understanding of how the world turns than most of us.

Dr. Greene points out that the date December 31,1999, is a Christian construct that only a portion of the world follows, and no scholar is exactly sure of when Jesus Christ was born. The only thing we ` have to do is make sure that our computer systems do not confuse dates and time. In addition, she notes that there is absolutely nothing particularly millenarian about the planets at that time - and more important, the planets primarily reflect what is happening in the world, they do not determine our destiny. People do have a choice of how they live their lives, and have a responsibility to exercise this freedom. turning and turning...

Dr Greene never makes prediction as this is impossible. However, she has an extensive knowledge of history, psychology, sociology and politics, and is able to discuss what is happening in the world now and how the planets reflect certain movements. She gave us several examples, but emphasized one in particular: Every 178 years, Neptune cycles around the zodiac and is now moving into Aquarius where it will remain for a span of 14 years.

Aquarius reflects unity and democracy. Neptune reflects our dreams and our longings, the part of us which doesn't "think things out." Presently, the Western world is pushing towards the left politically. There is also a desire to seek unity through a united Europe and a single currency. The world fantasizes that its solutions can be found in technology. We are moving away from the individual towards a social norm. We erroneously fantasize that if all children had computers, if all depressives took Prozac, and, most frightening, if all genes could be manipulated to eradicate individual imperfections, then we would all sleep better at night. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a united Europe or reaping the benefits that technology offers us, but when we gravitate in this direction on an emotional level without using our heads, we could be disappointed. Liz Greene believes that Switzerland could benefit from entering the common market, but thinks that the Swiss are very wise to approach this movement with caution right now.

Dr. Greene also explains that whenever groups of people want to move in one direction, one will always get other groups which will splinter off and go against the grain. The last time Neptune moved into Aquarius was around 1820.
The world experienced this mass longing to unify then too, and Victor Hugo wrote about a "united Europe" extensively the first time the phrase had been publicly used. But before this, - Napoleon's conquests had ignited a nationalist fire which eventually erupted violently throughout Europe , just when the Neptunian/Aquarian dream of unity was at its height, and only ashes were left of this grand vision by the time the "Year of the Revolutions" arrived in 1848. And why was the dream of spiritual European unity so ineffective? Basically, there was an enormous gap between the dream and reality. Before a nation can seek unity with another one, Dr. Greene emphasizes, it must feel strong within itself first. This applies to the individual as well.

Summing up, she says that the planets in the zodiac are working on so many different levels because the world does, too, so what has been discussed here is just the tip of an iceberg. This is what makes each of us feel so insignificant, yet so unique and important at the same time.

Rozanne Charbonneau, Swissair Gazette January 1999, p.65


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