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    24-Nov-2017, 01:06 UT/GMT
    Moon224' 2"18s18
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  • Reinhold Ebertin
    Forecasting - Using 45 Degree Ephemeris
    (special techniques for long-term forecasts)
  • Reinhold Ebertin
    Order at www.amazon.com (international)

  • Liz Greene
    The Horoscope in Manifestation
    CPA Press, vol 9
    (Psychology and Prediction. Part One: Complexes and Projection, Part Two: A Psychological Approach to Transits and Progressions)
    Order at www.amazon.com

  • Robert Hand
    Planets in Transit
    (This extremely well-written book is the definitive work on transits)
    Order at www.amazon.com

  • Bruno and Louise Huber
    Lifeclock - Age Progression in the Horoscope
    (Huber method of timing in the horoscope, including age progression)
    Order at www.amazon.com (international; only second hand copies available)

  • Babs Kirby, Janey Stubbs
    Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns
    (the authors offer a psychological and growth orientation to forecasting)
    Order at www.amazon.com

  • Marion March / Joan McEvers
    The Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow
    (All the main methods of forecasting - progressions, directions, transits and solar and lunar returns)
    Order at www.amazon.com

  • Dane Rudhyar
    The Lunation Cycle
    (The title refers to the cycle of the Moon in relation to the cycle of the Sun - the archetypal cycle on which all aspects are based)
    Order at www.amazon.com (international)


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