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    24-Mar-2018, 04:37 UT/GMT
    Mercury1649' 3"r9n44
    Neptune1440' 2"6s53
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Further Reading

Astrology of Relationships

  • Stephen Arroyo
    Relationships & Life Cycles: Astrological Patterns of Personal Experience
    (a wealth of material on synastry and transits)
    Order at www.amazon.com

  • Ron Davison
    Synastry - Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology
    (A comprehensive work on understanding human relations through astrology)
    Order at www.amazon.com

  • Liz Greene
    Relationships - and how to survive them
    (Part one: The Composite Chart, Part Two: The Eternal Triangle)
    CPA Press
  • Robert Hand
    Planets in Composite
    (In his lucid and systematic style, Hand has produced the definitive reference work)
    Order at www.amazon.com

  • Marion March / Joan McEvers
    The Only Way to Learn About Relationships
    (Good synastry book - packed with charts of the famous, including composites)
    Order at www.amazon.com


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