Further Reading


In-depth Astrology

1. General

2. Planets

3. Moon's Nodes

  • Howard Sasportas
    Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart
    CPA Press, vol 10
    (included chapters on Vocation, The Moon's Nodes, and The Astrology of the Helper)

    Order at www.midheavenbooks.com

  • Melanie Reinhart
    CPA Press, vol 8
    (on the four angles and the Moon's Nodes)

    Order at www.midheavenbooks.com

4. Astrological Houses

5. Aspects

6. Locational Astrology

  • Jim Lewis / Kenneth Irving
    The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy
    (demonstrates how geography impinges on the fundamental properties of each planet)
    Order at www.amazon.com (international)

  • Erin Sullivan
    Where in the World? - Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation Charts
    CPA Press
    (This book opens the door to understanding how the planets see us all over the world)
    Order at www.midheavenbooks.com

Current Planets
23-Oct-2014, 06:12 UT/GMT
Venus29Libra14' 3"
Uranus13Aries54' 3"r
TrueNode19Libra18' 7"r
Explanations of the symbols
Chart of the moment
Astrologer watching the sky through a telescope, by Eugene Ivanov
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