What a Horoscope can tell you

First steps in Astrology, by Liz Greene

At school we learn about science and mathematics, geography and history, literature and languages, and the arts, but we are not taught very much about ourselves as individuals. Yet it is very important that we should try to understand ourselves and each other, for this will help all of us to lead happier and more satisfying lives.

This is where horoscopes can help us. A horoscope cannot tell you what is going to happen, to you or to anybody else. But it can tell you what kind of person you are. Some psychologists use horoscopes to understand and help people who are upset or confused about themselves.

Each of us is so complicated it is like having many different people inside us. You know that sometimes you feel happy and want to be with other people, while at other times you may feel thoughtful and want to be left alone. With some people you meet you may appear full of fun. With others you may seem to be a very serious and withdrawn sort of person. You may be patient and give a great deal of attention to a pet animal but hurry and be careless with your schoolwork.

The signs of the Sun, Moon and planets at your birth can show why there seem to be so many different people inside you, and from that you can learn how best to live with all these different sides to your character and make the most of yourself. An entire horoscope, showing the special relationship between the Sun, Moon and planets at the place and moment of your birth, can tell you how you think and feel about things, where your talents lie, what kinds of things would be useful for you to learn, and what things in life are most likely to make you happy.

Here are the different sides to our lives and personalities which the Sun, the Moon and each of the planets represent:

THE SUN shows our deepest goals in life, what we want.
    THE MOON shows how we respond emotionally, how we feel.
    MERCURY shows how we think and express ourselves.
    VENUS shows how we relate to others.
    MARS shows how we use our energy and talents to get what we want.
    JUPITER shows how we enjoy ourselves and expand our understanding.
    SATURN shows how much self-discipline and strength of character we have.
    URANUS shows in what ways we are original, inventive and creative.
    NEPTUNE shows how we can best help others.
    PLUTO shows in what ways we can grow through deepening our self-knowledge.

Now you can learn more about each of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac, which are really the starting point for an understanding of our own and everybody else's personality.

Looking at Astrology

This introduction into the basic ideas of astrology is taken from the children's book "Looking at Astrology" by Liz Greene. It was published by Coventure in 1977. Although once written for children, the text is very interesting for everyone who wants to take first steps in astrology.

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Astrologer watching the sky through a telescope, by Eugene Ivanov
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