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Jupiter's Transit of Cancer and You

by Sioux Rose

Jupiter in CancerFollowing the courses assigned by the Great Cosmic Clock-maker, every time a planet returns to the sign where it holds the greatest dominion (by rule or exaltation), the overall cosmic field will have substantially altered. While it's true that the basic essences of signs and planets remain a constant, the panoply continuously alters due to the endless ways that the various orbital bodies interrelate. These cosmic clockworks work like an elaborate celestial kaleidoscope. An infinite array of patterns expresses as the parts energetically commingle within the whole to form continuous new designs. That means that while fundamental elements recur, each moment holds an utterly unique character.

Excellent resource books can be found that explain how Jupiter (and other planets) behave by transit. However, no book can possibly cover all of the key variables that apply to any specific moment in time. For instance, as Jupiter transits Cancer, the sign of its exaltation, it will negotiate a square from rule-buster Uranus, a trine from Neptune in Pisces, and an opposition from shape-shifting Pluto, the facilitator of transformation at depth. It's important to remember that no matter how deeply we delve into an analysis of a specific astrological factor, we must keep in mind that no planetary entity works as a solo agent. Each configures into the great cosmic clockworks. So while it's fair to say that Jupiter augurs luck, plentitude, and the fruits of positive thinking, it also holds its liabilities. The outer planets will act on those! Jupiter's weakness is reminiscent of the gambler who insists that the next hand will prove the winner. To best understand the workings of Jupiter, we examine its signature sign - Sagittarius, and consider what its symbol, the archer conveys.

For the archer, everything rests upon its capacity to aim well. Hitting the target is a metaphor that reveals a metaphysical attribute of the human mind. If one's thought process remains fixed on a clear intention, then in the same way that the archer carefully directs his arrow, the mind obtains its prized goal; the target is reached. Jupiter prompts persons to think more deeply about what they aim at so that they can align their actions and intentions accordingly. Jupiter's exaltation in Cancer appears to have blessed the United States, given its July 4 birth date. Many of America's allies also fall under the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. And it just so happens that these pivotal signs are where the cosmic action has been taking place since 2010. That emphasis remains in place for the next few years.

Given its 12-year orbit, Jupiter has transited the nation's birth sign 8 times during the course of the 20th century. Only one of those previous transits holds striking parallels with our current era. If we turn back the pages of time to examine what took place when Uranus last transited Aries (1927-1935), we will find that Jupiter was also in Cancer from July 1930-July 1931. What historical evidence shows up? It was the onset of the Great Depression, massive citizen unrest reverberated throughout Europe (much of it based on inflamed ethnic rivalries), and a Dust Bowl was in its beginning stages. Interestingly enough, Pluto was then transiting Cancer (1914-1939), the sign that opposes its present position. That means that Pluto was forming a square to Uranus which is also currently the case. And the historical parallels speak for themselves.

It's notable that the cardinal signs directly signify the four annual seasons. With repeated planetary pressure placed on these climate-related "gears," it's not surprising that weather events are proving to be maddeningly out of synch.To refresh the reader's memory, Saturn began its transit of the cardinal sign Libra at the end of 2009. It found itself opposed by a joint cosmic "task-force" consisting of Jupiter and Uranus in summer of 2010. Both of these heavyweights began their journeys across Aries in spring of 2010. For Uranus, this represents a once in 84-year transit that holds for 7 years, or until spring of 2018. Not to be outdone, Pluto also factors substantially into the cosmic calculus as it began its trajectory across Capricorn in 2008. This is a rare, once in 248-year event that holds until 2025!

Jupiter in CancerJupiter's upcoming transit of Cancer will involve a square from Uranus (most intense during the 2nd half of August, 2013) and an opposition from Pluto (at peak in the first half of August 2013). Fortunately, Jupiter will also form a trine to Neptune, and this will be felt at maximum intensity during mid-July 2013. Due to retrograde motion, Jupiter will once again square Uranus from February-April 2014, while opposing Pluto a second time at the end of January 2014, and again in mid-April, 2014. The faster moving planets - Sun, moon, Venus, and Mercury - will also visit, and thereby agitate, the four arms of the cardinal cross. The old foundations that civilization has rested upon will begin to give way… for a new paradigm is destined to emerge.

An honest analysis of Jupiter's transit of Cancer must take these complementary components into account. They will influence the planetary giant's expressions in each of our life plans. Currently, droughts appear to be spreading: and although some believe that a financial recovery is underway, the facts for workers and low-income persons dispute that contention. Xenophobia is once again on the rise in Europe (as it was during the 1930s), and it's also spreading through states like Alabama and Arizona where right wing groups shamelessly wage cruel campaigns against "illegal" aliens. It's not hard to understand why ethnic groups end up pivoted against one another when there doesn't seem to be enough financial remuneration to go around. Fortunately, on a more positive note, Jupiter also transited Cancer when the Berlin Wall came down. At that time, it faced a formidable opposition from Uranus (the maverick) and Neptune (the dissolver) as both transited Capricorn. While passing through the sign of its exaltation, Jupiter can summon the faith that moves mountains

Jupiter will trine Neptune from its watery dominion in Pisces, and this super-psychic (and equally empathic) watery duo will also harmonize with Saturn as it progresses across Scorpio. These three water signs may operate like loaded bases. Naturally, that's good news for water and earth signs. In general, high levels of intuitive guidance will be present to assist those who meditate, and aid others who earnestly seek out guidance from higher planes. Now let's take a closer look at these exciting dynamics for 2013 and beyond. We'll examine the advantages associated with Jupiter's transit of Cancer and how they'll impact you. We'll also explore the counter-forces emanating from Uranus and Pluto.

Jupiter's Transit of Cancer and You

The following analyses show how the metaphorical T-cross composed of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will influence specific areas of your life, as represented by the astrological houses. Discover what you're apt to personally encounter by referring to the section applicable to your Rising Sign. Depending upon the exact position of your Ascendant and the house system in use, the actual positions of the planets may vary. This anomaly is not represented in the text.

Lastly, should you not know your time of birth (or accurate ascendant), some insights can still be gained from reading the section applicable to your sun sign. Alternatively, you can calculate a birth chart in the Free Horoscopes section of www.astro.com. This is how you procede:

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Aries Ascendant

AriesJupiter's first visit to your 4th house, the "domestic sector" in 12 years prompts you to get your house in order! You may feel the urge to expand your life starting at the home front. Not everyone is prepared to relocate, but is there anything stopping you from refreshing your domestic ambiance through the timely application of some strategic Feng Shui? Energy can be liberated or directed along advantageous meridians, and that can work wonders for more than just the atmosphere. Youthful Aries may see their families grow through pregnancies and births, while others will expand their living spaces by building onto existing home structures. Also, given Jupiter's penchant for liberation, should Aries feel that a bond seems more like bondage, Jupiter may inspire your love of freedom and thereby prompt you to release a tie that's become too inhibiting.

So far, it's mostly been those Aries born in March who have been wrestling with Uranus' wild rebellious impulses. Since the planet of radical new awareness only comes around once (to your sign) in 84 years, its influence can be likened to turning up the volume on your life as Discovery Channel. Uranus is mandated to deliver Truth. Aries natives who have been living in ways that violate (or fail to honor) their inner truth are scheduled to face an identity crisis. Any attempt to maintain the old status quo if that means compromising your quintessence (the soul's imprint) is going to meet lots of resistance. That's because Uranus now demands new inventions of you; and processes of radical change seldom happen when people hold onto the familiar or cling tightly to their former comfort zones. So if it feels like fate has tugged the rug out from under you, that's how Uranus is galvanizing your higher learning process… which takes us to Pluto.

Every Aries will find herself negotiating a virtual tango with Pluto as it forms a tough square to your sign. (This influence holds until 2025!) Given Pluto's long passage through signs, it's primarily impacting those Aries natives born from March 28-April 3. Pluto is keyed into processes of regeneration, rejuvenation, rebuilding, remaking, remodeling, and rebirth. Although mortals presume that there's always ample room for expressions of free will, the square from Pluto can prove quite confining. The direct square from Pluto (when its impact is felt by exact degree) will make some area of your life feel like a Demolition Derby. Pluto is transiting your solar 10th house; and it's the seat of authority figures and government officials. A bit of trouble could head your way from one of those entities; or it could be that your own father will need plenty of support and TLC. On a more abstract level, you may be reconfiguring the meaning (and definition) of success, and this may shift your goals and ambitions around.

Western cultures have become hooked on speed and instant gratification; however, the cosmos doesn't work at that level. The profound passages keynoted by the outer planet transits demarcate major processes, and they happen to be ones that will take time to become fully integrated. Looking for solid answers can occupy your mind, but your real work now comes from securing your "center-point" so that you can retain your balance as you move through these life-transforming phenomena.

Taurus Ascendant

TaurusTaurus, as the first of the Zodiac's three earth signs may be likened to the seed. It uses all its strength to root itself securely under the ground. At this stage in its evolution, it has barely awakened to the realization that there may be a whole world out there. It is yet to discover the domain that exists above the surface, the one suffused in an atmosphere of all sorts of pulsing signals. Jupiter will shift Taurus' sensory metrics as it makes its one-year crossing of your 3rd house of community events and communications. Positive transits to the 3rd house prompt minds to awaken to new ideas and concepts. The 3rd house is a crucial zone for learning, and it also supports all sorts of apprenticeship programs. Interactions with aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers, and close neighbors may factor into the didactic mix. A broader outlook results; plus luck or unexpected opportunities may arise from short trips.

Uranus, the planet of spontaneous realization (via those moments of internal illumination) is transiting your 12th house. This zone of introspection, when stimulated, opens cognitive doors through messages gotten from sleep, dreams, and spontaneous bursts of intuition. In other words, significant insights will come your way when you're not trying to directly solve your dilemmas. The 12th house reflects the wise metaphysical principle: "Let go, let God." Since Taurus is a fixed sign (and thus resistant to self-change), Uranus is actively modifying your belief system from the inside out. And it's doing this at a level that you're not consciously aware of. If you tend to think along Conservative lines, you just might wake up one morning feeling like Jane Fonda! Old, fixed resentments may erode or peel away. And that process takes us to Pluto.

Taurus natives can now effortlessly tap into Pluto's regenerative power. That's because it's sending you its best astrological angle in decades. And it's fortunate indeed to curry the favor of this agent of transformation that's working on your behalf until 2025. Taurus natives born before May 5 are feeling the most direct benefits. Pluto rules Scorpio, and it summons the work of Hades, the god of the underworld. That means its operations are hidden and thus not easily discernible. Still, with Pluto making a long crossing of your 9th house, the zone of higher awareness, either your philosophy of life expands, or you make important contacts with persons in the fields of international commerce, law, academics, publishing, or religion. The 9th house takes its character from Sagittarius, the 9th Zodiac sign; and it thereby draws upon the inherent power of faith. Wish wisely, for you currently hold the power to manifest what you desire.

Gemini Ascendant

GeminiJupiter-Cancer projects its prosperous propensities into your chart's moneymaking sector, the 2nd house. Assets already in your possession may gain value, or you may encounter luck in the form of a promising career or investment opportunity. The 2nd house governs currency. That reminds that what flows in can also flow out. Jupiter's "easy money" attitude could see you acting as a spendthrift; so do your utmost to summon your inner "crab" and thereby maintain a tenacious hold on key assets. Lucky Gemini natives may experience a windfall due to Jupiter's passage across their 2nd houses. If you aren't seeing any financial growth, and instead, money is merely trickling in… then it may be time for you to prime the pump. One way to do that is through opening yourself up to grateful service. In other words, find ways to give of yourself in order to spring the universe into reciprocal action.

Uranus, meanwhile, sends you loads of benefits from Aries where it prompts you to make new friends or join different groups. Uranus thrives on discovery; and let's face it: there's less to discover amid the same crowd. Consider it time to broaden your circle of acquaintances. The 11th house is the zone where the magic of synergy happens. When a group of like-minded persons works together in pursuit of the same objective or aspiration (and petty differences borne of ego are placed aside), a higher power is drawn into the mix. This spiritually based synergy enables the group to achieve far more through their shared efforts than would otherwise be possible. Uranus rules Aquarius, and it's the sign devoted to the ultimate evolution of mankind. When collective efforts are aimed at improving conditions for others, Providence lends its benign strength to the cause.

Pluto, on the other hand, is projecting a complex bag of mixed signals through the angle known as the quincunx. Positioned in Capricorn, its powers of breakdown and rebuilding are directed at your 8th house. This mysterious chart sector expresses both mundane and mystical properties. Pluto will likely teach you more about the obligations contingent upon any joint financial commitments. It may subtly shift your attitude towards money and possession in ways that you don't yet realize. Applying Pluto's power to the mystical portions of your 8th house, doors can open through which messages relayed from deceased relatives (or other unseen entities) may pierce former cognitive veils. In a sense, the 8th house represents Pluto's home turf (since it rules Scorpio, the Zodiac's 8th sign and the realm of the dead). Take a moment to consider Pluto's chief karmic lesson: it's found in forgiveness. Although it's common for human beings to create new karma as they endeavor to work off the legacy of prior shortfalls, a reliable way out of this endless pile-up is Grace, and it's imparted when we forgive others their trespasses. Alchemy happens when ancient grievances are released and no longer carried like the ghost of Marley (dragging his chains). Lighten your load, accordingly!

Cancer Ascendant

CancerYou're discovering your own strength, or facing the toughness of the fiber that makes you who you are. Necessity, in the form of quite challenging planetary transits, has not let up on your power of invention in some time. Alas, Jupiter's arrival bodes well for good news, welcome perks, and signs of deliverance. For some Cancer natives, benefits might arise in the form of physical healing, and for others, evocative job offers after months of crippling unemployment. (If you know your rising sign, check which house Jupiter will be transiting for further clues.) The Zodiac's giant summons growth; and while some of it may prove fortunate, as say in an expanded bank account, there are forms of growth that can prove problematic. One of those is seen in a growing waistline or excess body weight. To offset Jupiter's propensity for weight gain, adopt a sensible exercise program. Even by implementing a regular evening or morning walk into your daily regimen, calories will be counteracted. Women of an appropriate age will more easily conceive under Jupiter's direct transit; so take heed if an addition to the family is not desired.

The square from Uranus can be tricky. Since your sign is closely tied to family traditions, you exhibit an unconscious adherence to the past and its protocols. This tenacity can inhibit your capacity to adapt to changing demands, mores, and circumstances. Although you may prefer your comfort zone, it's largely based on yesterday's designs. Meanwhile, Uranus is challenging your status quo by throwing you its twice in 84-year square angle. Like it or not, you are being dislodged from old behaviors and attachments. Uranus does not mean to be cruel. It's just that it's mandated to prompt major discoveries. These are designed to inspire the evolution of mankind, one person at a time. Whatever stands in the way of this vital learning process is apt to get tossed into the junk heap of history (yours or that of the collective). The more you can detach (a premise that's alien to most Cancers), the easier it'll be to deal with whatever it is that Uranus is altering in the blink of a cosmic eye. This passage takes us to Pluto's long-term opposition; and it is a formidable force to reckon with. What Uranus marks for change, Pluto will likely consign to the Cosmos' Demolition Derby. After all, Pluto is profoundly connected to breakdown and eventual rebuilding processes.

In facing whatever is passing away, your reflex may be to cling tighter to these elements. Unfortunately, the law of change is no respecter of persons. To every thing there is a time (allotted) and a purpose under heaven. It is not within your will's power to determine the amount of time that will be extended to the key persons, places, and things in your life plan. Whether Pluto brings storm damage to your neighborhood, shutters a factory bound for a foreign destination, or summons the demise of a much-loved relative, you will find solace in accepting that a higher plan is at work. In this way, the natural forces of life, death, and rebirth can be gracefully accepted. In a very real sense, you're facing a bona fide Initiation. It's useful to remember that on spaceship earth, none of us gets out of here alive. In coming to recognize the soul's eternality, you can better embrace the discovery processes yet to come (and grow faith in the process).

Leo Ascendant

LeoFire signs are quick to act and they seldom take enough time for rest, reflection, and personal renewal. As the giant, Jupiter, crosses your reclusive 12th house, you'll be prompted to invest more of your time in these passive processes. The 12th house signifies the concluding phase that anticipates a new beginning. Next year that new beginning will feature Jupiter's fortunate passage through your sign. Adhering to its 12-year orbit, it won't be long before Jupiter enters your sign-field to renew you in confidence, clarity, and charisma. Meanwhile, as it crosses your 12th house, it encourages you to do some timely prep work. Prior to modern times, human beings were more responsive to the inner spirit's "calling." Of course there were no pulsing cell-phones, a worldwide web, or hundreds of cable TV stations in place to distract them! In earlier eras, people set forth on pilgrimages to learn what message Spirit intended for them. You may get the feeling that Spirit is attempting to convey a significant message your way; yet receptivity to Source requires that you turn down the volume on the outer world to allow yourself to tune in-ward.

Meanwhile, you happen to be the beneficiary of Uranus' best angle in 27 years. Just as it's inordinately difficult to hide a fire's light under a bushel, it may be virtually impossible to get the spotlight off yourself once Uranus sends its direct trine your way. So just what is the talent, aptitude, or product that you're intended to make the most of when Uranus throws you this potential limelight? Notoriety for its own sake is like a meteor that burns out fast. However, if what you do is done to improve the lives of others, then not only do you light others' lamps in the process of your own illumination, you also fulfill Uranus' mandate by advancing the evolution of human awareness.

Pluto's tricky quincunx transmits effects largely felt "under the radar." Transiting your solar 6th house, Pluto's long stay may augur the natural aging process. It's the agent of both degeneration and regeneration, and the 6th house pertains to the health of the body. Most people have vulnerabilities, so it's wise to counteract Pluto's presence by committing to a truly nourishing diet. It's also advisable to give up any lifestyle habits (like smoking or excessive alcohol intake) that undermine health. The best insurance policy is that of living wisely and well! Nonetheless, Pluto's potential impact is not limited to the condition of your physical body. The 6th house also pertains to the work you provide to the world (or your small segment of it); and Pluto may change the nature of your job or the conditions of your employment. Perhaps you sense this and have already begun learning new skills or updating your resume? Outer planet transits last for years. That means their more subtle effects get woven silently into the fabric of life. Still, wherever Pluto goes, transformation happens!

Virgo Ascendant

VirgoHow's your social life lately? If dear friends have moved to distant locations or perhaps left this "plane" altogether, it's fortunate that Lucky Jupiter is about to light up your chart sector of conviviality. If you elect to sit home watching cable TV, you'll give Jupiter less room to work with. However, if you make the effort to join a new group, stop for lunch or coffee in a different location, or get more involved in your pet cause, the odds of meeting significant new friends greatly increase. There's a second favorable factor working to your advantage in this placement. Jupiter is associated with faith's capacity to empower positive outcomes. Applied to the 11th house, given its special capacity for synergy, you've got a winning combination. The 11th house animates the principle that when two or more persons work together towards the same aim or intention, a mystical 3rd force steps in to support their efforts. The process taps into the Universal pool of benevolence drawn in from higher planes. One way to waste this timely opportunity is by not recognizing that it exists! The capacity to manifest intentions won't come around (at this magnitude) again for 12 years. So use the force, Luke!

As an earth sign, you tend to get bogged down with the countless duties and details that require tending on the physical plane. This heavy gravity can prevent you from seeing the stars and imagining the aspects of existence that transcend the confines of your physical body. With Uranus, the awakener, now passing through your 8th house, the zone of metaphysical teachings, a broadening of your understanding is intended. Uranus, as the planetary ruler of Aquarius, the last sign in the air sign trinity, points to direct intuition and the capacity to tap into planes of knowledge you never imagined existed. The 8th house is also the zone of the Occult. Even if you've previously shut the door to thinking about such things as Spirits and the afterlife, messages will come knocking. And it should be pointed out that Uranus likes to shock! When people don't pay attention to what they're expected to learn, Uranus often deploys its own version of shock therapy to usher in the awareness persons do their best to deny.

The 8th house also holds a mundane application because it's the zone that governs all joint financial affairs. Make sure to stay on top of debts, loans, and taxes to best avoid Uranus' shock waves impacting your fiduciary life. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that other people with whom you share agreements will necessarily deliver the goods on time. Operating through the awkward quincunx angle, Uranus can upset the applecart. However, this is the motivation device it utilizes to prompt people to make exciting new discoveries. As in: Invention happens!

Pluto, in contrast, offers some really good news for Virgos. This planet, associated with all forms of healing and regeneration is sending you its best angle in 82 years, and support from the planet of rebirth rides with Virgos until 2025! These keywords apply to Pluto's processes: rebuilding, remaking, remodeling, regenerating, rejuvenating, resuscitating, and Renaissance. These powers can apply to your body's systems or they can be projected. That means you can breathe new life into a business that needs a lot of tender loving care, or restore a relationship that needs mending. Perhaps you'll take up gardening and turn an empty backyard into a blooming oasis? Eating natural homegrown produce is a great way to upgrade your health. If you've felt the sting of aging, support from Pluto can help turn those telltale signs around, and in some cases even rejuvenate your appearance. In addition, if you're recovering from a loss, Pluto's trine is like medicine for your soul. It prompts the realization that new prospects call out to you from every corner of the universe! Ultimately, Pluto reminds you that being alive is its own adventure. As a consequence, you will feel more alive and eager to embrace the new opportunities that destiny has in store for you.

Libra Ascendant

LibraLike your cardinal sign cousins, you've been facing life-changing tests and lessons in recent years. With Saturn, the Zodiac's karmic boot camp sergeant, gone from your sign, you can breathe easier. Whatever tough love Saturn projected, it's seen you mature greatly as a result. Now lucky Jupiter climbs to your chart's highest point, the career-oriented mid-heaven or 10th house. Customarily, Jupiter brings rewards. In this position it may make you the star that shines in your boss's eye. Some Librans may seize upon this Jupiter cycle (having seen former sources of security zapped under Saturn's recent transit) to become their own bosses by starting up their own companies. Who hasn't been impressed by success stories featured on Oprah as ordinary Americans come up with ideas that end up making millions of dollars? Jupiter, linked with Sagittarius supports expansive visionary thinking. The 10th house takes its meaning from Capricorn, the 10th sign; and it's here that the mountain goat reaches the summit. Will you do likewise? Jupiter expands your sense of possibilities by allotting you a new vantage point, from it, you see what you've perhaps never seen before. How will this new perspective factor into the work that you perform in the world? It may well alter former goals and objectives. There's no need to be in a hurry. The answers you need will arise out of the unfolding process. And that takes us to Uranus.

With exciting, rebellious Uranus passing through your 7th house of marriage and close relationships, you will either find yourself attracted to a free spirit who cares little for marriage, or experience a compelling attraction to someone who's different from anything you've known in the past. Uranus operates as the awakener; and in crossing your sector of close bonds it will engender surprises and discoveries. Plausibly, the greatest thing Uranus could teach you is how to find (and preserve) a balance between personal autonomy and the compromises that any close tie entails. Uranus is also rather fond of the rough ride! Perhaps you will find yourself involved with a person from a different ethnicity, religious orientation, or cultural background. Differences make for the spice of life, but they also abrade against what's familiar (and therefore perceived as normal). That's a recipe for tensions to erupt. Most people are conditioned by their families of origin and have difficulty understanding persons who don't share their backgrounds. Ours is hardly a "one size fits all" planet. Reality, to the farmer in India is vastly different from reality to the teenage boy growing up in Dayton, Ohio. Relationships will open doors to a higher understanding as Uranus crosses your 7th house.

Unfortunately, Pluto has been no friend to Libra in recent years. The square between any two planets always produces challenges, and Pluto's extended stay in Capricorn squares Libra. An analogy can be made between the square angle and two sticks being rubbed together. In both instances, something will burn away. Pluto governs the forces of life and death (plus change of a transformational nature), and it sets the tempo to the dance between fate and free will. Sometimes fate "steps forward" to incite your response, and at other times when you act on your own volition, fate responds. It's worth noting that dances with Pluto are not for the faint-hearted. Romantic notions about free will fast fade when this planet casts its shadow. It becomes clear that one does not control all aspects of their existence. A keener recognition of universal laws like karma may result along with the humbling realization that one cannot control what others do or decide. At the heart of this Pluto aspect is the lesson that when you cannot alter the outer circumstances of your world, you can work on strengthening your own center. That is a wise course of action and from it, a balanced outlook results. Such things as Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and meditation serve as time-tested methods for securing this ends; and they are therefore recommended at this time. (Libras born in September have already experienced the full brunt of Pluto, while those born at the beginning of October are about to face its formidable force.)

Scorpio Ascendant

ScorpioWhen was the last time you left the United States and actually walked down the streets of a foreign land, opening your pores to the exotic pulse of unique sights, scents, and sounds? Jupiter, the principle of travel and expanded thinking, sends its spirit of adventure into your 9th house, the zone of distant journeys. The 9th house also pertains to legal affairs, academic matters, and publishing. In addition, it catalyzes the search for meaning and therefore pertains to moral, spiritual, and religious practices and traditions. One of these venues may serve up an invitation that's too compelling to ignore. Is it time to return to school and put your mind to work learning a new discipline? Should you consult with an attorney in order to protect an investment or fine-tune a will? Has a friend invited you to share a villa in an enticing foreign land? Or will you suddenly find yourself interested in reading metaphysical books, specifically those that instruct on how to use the mind (and its mental processes) to attract a desired outcome? Anything that's oriented towards new growth is supported by Jupiter; whilst Saturn (now crossing your sign) is responsible for pruning that growth and directing it into appropriate directions.

Uranus' position in Aries forms an awkward quincunx to your sign. That means that discovery processes will prove jerky. Some of the new insights coming your way at breakneck speed will become easily integrated while others will ricochet off your defenses. Nonetheless, Uranus continues to project its penchant for inventiveness directly into your 6th house of work and health matters. Uranus's functions are quite amenable with computer technology, and what career niche doesn't depend upon computers (or the Internet) these days? Expect to be tasked with learning the workings of more complex operating systems. On a health note, Uranus can serve up a mixed blessing. Renown for upsetting the proverbial applecart, it could prompt a symptom to suddenly emerge. Since prevention is always worth pounds of cure, if you take this signal seriously and elect to remove certain stimulants from your lifestyle, you can tap into Scorpio's legendary powers of self-regeneration. (Your sign is linked to the Phoenix, after all). In other words, you could face a wake-up call that will lead you to alter your diet. You can change your body based on the way you think about it, especially if you also modify your diet and walk away from toxic habits.

Ruler Pluto sends support from the compatible earth realm of Capricorn. In this sign of earthly ambitions, it helps you to climb your own career mountain. Acting from your solar 3rd house of communications, the magnetic power of Pluto works through The Word. Because you can so readily influence others, it's important to be mindful of how you wield this influence. Encouraging people to buy things they don't need (and can't afford), or consume products that are harmful to their health tallies up a karmic toll. If your words are used instead to lift others, and all that you teach, write, and sell aims at that worthy aspiration, then you will see growth in your financial status while also enjoying peace of mind.

Sagittarius Ascendant

SagittariusSince Jupiter governs your sign, you likely sense its fluxes as it moves from sign to sign during its 12-year orbit. While this planetary giant transits Cancer, it will make you more keenly aware of family ties and their underlying dynamics. Cancer represents your 8th house, the zone of joint finance. Jupiter's visit to this sector encourages you to be generous with your outflow. Ultimately, as you give ye shall receive; so be sure to cast acts of generosity like bread upon the waters and gains will return to you. If you experience a delay to this cosmic reflex, it's due to Saturn, the arbiter of karma now crossing your 12th house, the sector of tests to the soul. Jupiter's simultaneous passage through your 8th house hastens an important chapter change. While you may feel ambivalent about items recently pruned from your life, you also sense new feelings of liberation. In the book of your life, a significant page is turning. You are no stranger to faith. Now you must summon trust in those things not yet clearly delineated. And allow for awe in the face of life's great mysteries.

Uranus' transit of Aries could hardly be more advantageous for Sagittarians. Tossing you its luckiest angle of support in 27 years, this firebrand can place you in the limelight. Otherwise you'll bypass contenders in seizing the most cutting edge forms of new technology. "Innovation R'you, style." Chiefly by bridging orthodoxy with new developments will you advance miles ahead of any competitors. Uranus will be operating from your 5th house where it stirs novel developments in the lives of your children, or any children you might work with. It also puts you into closer contact with "the child within," and this in turn allows for a new playfulness. Oddly enough, this approach will attract answers to your most challenging professional conundrums. If a personal talent or hobby was placed on the back burner, an opportune moment now stands before you. So dust off this aptitude and spend time nurturing it, and see what happens.

Pluto crossed your sign from 1993-2007 and likely changed you in profound ways. Acting as the Zodiac's demolition team, Pluto now projects its transformational powers into your 2nd house of income, assets, and investments. Because Pluto is closely aligned with the process of restoration, investing in what some might term a derelict property is not a bad idea. Many fixer-upper real estate deals can be gotten for a song, and over time, value will likely return to them. Since Capricorn, the principle of time, governs your 2nd house, your key assets are destined to take on added value over the years. It's wise to plan accordingly.

Capricorn Ascendant

CapricornAs the last sign in the Zodiac's Cardinal Quintet, life has likely been hard on you lately. Although ruler Saturn has moved beyond its challenging square angle (recently pivoted your way from Libra), you're still dealing with, by turns, the opposition of Jupiter, a square from Uranus, and the direct force of Pluto as it makes it slow passage across your sign. Jupiter serves as a benign force even if its angular aspect is a tense one. While transiting Cancer, it will enlarge upon themes associated with your 7th house, the sector pivoted on partnership and marriage. Jupiter could prompt your mate to act out if his or her needs are not being met. Remember: Jupiter is regarded as "the liberator" for a reason! Jupiter's presence could otherwise signal that your mate has at last found a way to get you away from your compulsive focus on work. Now you can both take that trip that was put off for too long. Jupiter's passage across your 7th house signals that close ties will express "growing pains." Life cannot remain frozen in the same place or its essence will atrophy. Your insistence upon tradition means that you tend to resist progressive trends, and that takes us to Uranus, the maverick.

Uranus typically acts as the enemy of the status quo. Meanwhile, Capricorns, due to their tie to stern Saturn, generally conform to established orthodoxies. Naturally, problems will arise when Uranus sends its dynamic square your way. The square is the one aspect that provides little room for compromises. One way or another, you'll find necessity acting as the mother of invention. If you can summon a bit of flexibility, you just might find yourself inspired! Ultimately, you'll have no choice but to experiment with alternatives to whatever is familiar. Uranus summons both innovation and the need to pursue alternative courses of action. Its influence can feel like a shock wave to those who resist change. In its transit of Aries (your 4th house), Uranus will likely jolt your domestic sector, perhaps upsetting family routines. For some Capricorns, an all-out residential change may ensue, while for others, home repairs or remodeling jobs may take on all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. Still other Capricorn will find themselves learning how to deal with unstable roommates, neighbors, or relatives. Drama will emerge from some of these events; yet what's at stake is how you grow because of them. And that's where Pluto comes into play.

No planet configures more directly in life-changing circumstances than Pluto. While your ruling planet Saturn connotes the hourglass of time and its discernible chapter changes, Pluto ofte adds a dose of severity to that prescription. Take death, for example. It's a circumstance that's non-negotiable; and Pluto can and does designate the demise of a great many things. Pluto began crossing your sign in 2008, and it won't complete this once in 248-year cycle until 2025! Capricorns who were born in December have already been the direct beneficiaries of this rare influence, whilst those born in early January are next in line. We must remember that death itself is a metaphor. When the snake molts a skin, one could say that it leaves a dead remnant behind; yet it's still full of life. Any elements shed from your life simulate the experience of that snake. A job may come to an end that defined you for much of your life. That doesn't mean that your life ends. Instead, this disruption challenges you to rediscover yourself and begin to express new abilities and aptitudes. The snake analogy works in yet another important way. Many individuals have adopted unhealthy lifestyle habits in part due to the hypnotic allure of the advertising media. Could it be that Pluto, which is linked with poisons, is prompting you to extinguish self-destructive habits so that like the snake, you can molt them away and thereby experience a greater range of expressive movements? Pluto frequently catalyzes processes of catharsis, regeneration, and rebirth. Like the phoenix, one cannot discover their wings until the dross of old baggage is burned off.

Aquarius Ascendant

AquariusHow's your weight these days? Since cosmic correspondence happens, when the biggest planet passes through your health sector, your body is apt to show signs of growth. For most adults, that growth is represented by added poundage. With deft redirection, Jupiter's expansive powers can instead augur growth of the cognitive sort, as in mind over matter. The sign of Cancer is posited on your 6th house, and it's the zone of pets. Jupiter's transit may turn your home into a pet sanctuary, lest you adopt one adorable 4-legged from the nearest animal shelter. In addition, the 6th house governs conditions at your job. Jupiter's visit should herald basic improvements. For instance, if you're a freelancer, new gigs will show up; and if you work for a conventional source, a novel perk may be dangled before you like the proverbial carrot. Bold Aquarians may use Jupiter's penchant for luck in seeking out alternative employment options. That takes us to Uranus.

With your ruling planet crossing Aries, the domain of all things new, it's pretty tough to stick to old routines (in just about every area of your life). Aries governs your 3rd house of writing, teaching, sales, advertising, self-promotion, and short trips. This zone also pertains to activities that involve sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins. Either you're discovering new and exciting people, places, and events in your community, or it's time to radically alter the way that you market your product, talent, or service. Novel approaches are keynoted. One way or another, Uranus is altering your thought process, and you will be discovering things about life (and yourself) that were previously a mystery. If, like most Aquarians, you possess a penchant for invention, now's the time to get those plans off the drawing board. If it hadn't been for an Aquarian like Thomas Edison, we might have all been left in the dark.

Pluto presents quite a different matter. This planet of breakdown and rebuilding is crossing your reclusive 12th house. Linked to Pisces, the Zodiac's 12th sign, it is here that karma is met, and everything comes full circle to meet itself in Oneness. This diffusion of boundaries works very well for mystics along with those who wish to experience levels of consciousness that transcend the body's dense materiality. However, it's an altogether different matter for persons who wrestle with addictive behaviors. The 12th house is regarded as the "sector of self-undoing," and here behaviors that stem from the unconscious can overrule logic and reason. People like to think that they can control all aspects of their behaviors, and that their conscious minds are always in "the driver's seat." The 12th house functions like an undertow in that it draws persons into those deep places where ordinary consciousness cannot effectively navigate. One such zone is that of sleep and dreams.

Pluto moves very slowly. Therefore, most of the changes it's mandated to fulfill come about by gradual means. The death of an elderly relative is inevitable. One person may accept this natural passage, while another struggles to find peace in the face of such a loss. Pluto is the reminder that death stalks our existences. Although the soul may know the greater truth of its eternality, the ego works from a very different set of intellectual parameters. Lastly, given Pluto's link to Scorpio, it presages the need to work the "alchemy of forgiveness" in regard to anything that ails the spirit or confounds the mind. By letting go, one allows Spirit in to do the work of healing. The process is magical.

Pisces Ascendant

The 5th house serves as the seat of joy, recreation, romantic love, artistic expression, and activities that involve children. Jupiter has a reputation for joviality. Therefore, Pisces natives may sense a boost of adrenalin as this happy giant spends a year in their 5th houses. Jupiter has a reputation for promoting good luck. So if you've been solo for some time, or recently faced a divorce or painful relationship break-up, Jupiter just might place someone special in your path. Such a charmed encounter would speed up the heart's healing process considerably. In addition, if a talent or hobby was abandoned in pursuit of more mundane tasks, Jupiter may summon its return. It's an advantageous time to nurture this aptitude. Lucky Pisces will see their talent noted and likely placed on exhibition. Nor will your children (or at least one of them) fail to benefit from this favorable transit. The Zodiac's great benefic will enlarge the scope, reach, and breadth of their creative activities. For youngsters, that can mean anything from a teacher's inspiration opening the gateway to knowledge, to the birth of a baby sister or brother.

PiscesWith ruler Neptune now making a long crossing of your sign, your already deep empathy levels intensify. In fact, the intuitive bridge energized between Jupiter Cancer and Neptune Pisces can augur genuinely psychic perceptions. Otherwise, important messages may head your way direct from the dream plane (one of Poseidon's favorite ports of call). Saturn's transit of Scorpio means that all three water signs will be occupied, and this gives the water element - that of instinctive feelings - substantial power. Decisions should only be made when feelings are factored into the calculus. Dominant planets in water signs turn the intellect into a rowboat attempting to navigate over undulating currents.

Meanwhile, Uranus' visit to Aries energizes your 2nd house. If you prefer stability in lieu of uncertainty, this placement is likely to test your sense of balance, if not your nerves. However, if you listen for it, your intuition is currently turned up to a high pitch and it will guide you. Uranus behaves like the rule buster; and some of those rules govern how "the marketplace" operates. The global economy has faced a rocky road in recent years, and that trend is likely to continue. Therefore no one can speak with authority, neither certainty about the future profitability or productivity of any entity, be it a company, stock, or bond. Risk factors have exponentially increased due to a combination of graft, corruption, and elites treating economics like a crap shot in Vegas. Uranus' passage through your 2nd house income sector suggests highs and lows, along with ups and downs. If you expect to count on stability, you'll end up disappointed.

However, while the global economy sends shock waves, you gain support from Pluto. Its regenerative powers come to your assistance from Capricorn. Plus Saturn's current transit of Scorpio sends you its best angle in nearly a decade. With patience, you'll see progress in those endeavors where you seriously commit your efforts. Capricorn governs your 11th house. Here, Pluto will deploy its magnetic properties to draw important friendships or group endeavors your way. At least one such project may involve powerful people; however, power can operate like a double-edged blade. Pluto symbolizes Hades, after all, and that means that some persons in your social circle may work unwittingly for the dark side. The adage, "What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul" applies. Be wary of such types and their subtle seductions.

The 11th house is known as the "wish sector." With Pluto's power now moving through this zone, it may bring you the thing that you desire. However, will this gift feed your ego or your Spirit? The soul must determine whether it wishes to serve Mammon or a higher ideal. In assessing this judgment call, your perceptions may fall under the sway of your planetary ruler, Neptune. Known for deception, Neptune is now empowered due to its rare (14-year) crossing of its own zone of dominion, Pisces. The best philosophy is that of enlightened self-interest. You need not be the martyr. However, if what you seek to obtain works against the greater good, then its price is too high. Seek a balance between self-interest and pursuing an agenda that offers real benefits to others. In that way, you'll outwit Neptune and make the most of Pluto's transit of Capricorn.

Sioux Rose has written popular horoscopes for 3 decades. Her latest books include "Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time", "Every Woman's Guide to Oracles" and "Dolphinity: The Twin Essence", a mystical novel, can be found at Amazon. Or visit Sioux's website for more information: www.siouxrose.com.


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