Astrology and Computer?

Questioning Liz Greene

Is it possible to understand a person's personality with the help of a computer generated horoscope?

Liz Greene Yes, to a certain extent. The main elements of a horoscope can be recognised by a computer if the software is intelligent enough. Of course, the computer cannot know what people make of their potential. It doesn't see whether they take responsibility for their lives nor when this happens. However, a computer generated horoscope can contain very valuable information such as important themes in a person's life and advice on how to further personal development.

Surely, a relationship cannot be fully understood simply by looking at the astrological constellations of each of the partners. How detailed can a relationship horoscope really be?

Analysing the birth horoscopes of both partners can provide a very detailed and profound description of the relationship. We feel attracted or repelled by certain people for various and very complex reasons - some of which are conscious, others unconscious. Attraction is motivated on different levels - be they physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. All of these factors work on us, while we might believe that we have fallen in love because our partner is beautiful, rich or a passionate lover. Our relationships are influenced by personal decisions, childhood patterns, social expectations and suppressed needs of our own. A relationship horoscope can shed light on each of these influences - not just on the parts of the relationship which we recognise straight away, but also on those which only become conscious in the course of time. These insights can help us to take better and more conscious decisions.

Why do you distinguish between a child's horoscope that of an adult? The constellations at the time of birth are the same, so there should be no difference.

Even though the constellations are the same, there are still marked differences - the same as the seedling of an apple tree is different from a mature tree loaded with apples. If a young apple tree is treated like a rose - or worse, like a weed - it will have a hard time coming to its true nature. The birth horoscope of a child shows his or her character traits, needs, inner conflicts and talents, which will blossom one day and carry fruit when the child has grown up. But as a child, the character is still a potential, and the way it develops depends on many factors and decisions taken on the way. Depending on the parents' reactions to their child's individuality, they will boost or inhibit his or her self- confidence. The greatest gift from parents to their children is respect for their human right to become their true selves, rather than expecting them to follow family patterns or fulfil their parents' unfulfilled dreams.

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