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About Dana Gerhardt


A popular columnist with The Mountain Astrologer since 1991, Dana Gerhardt is an internationally respected astrologer. She has lectured extensively and written for numerous astrology websites and publications. She counts herself both a believer and a skeptic, not content with astrology's assumptions until she can touch and taste their proof in people's lives. That's why she's fond of using real life confessions and anecdotes in her articles. Her 12th house moon inspired a deep and enduring exploration of this mysterious luminary, culminating in her computerized Moonprints report and monthly workshop-by-mail, Twelve Moons. Dana worked for many years in the corporate sector. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles and did graduate work in literature at Columbia University and CSULA. She currently lives in Southern Oregon and can be regularly found in cyberspace on her MoonCircles website.


Go to MoonprintsPopular with readers of The Mountain Astrologer for almost two decades, this beautiful report takes an in-depth look at your emotional foundations. You will gain new insights into your birth moon—its phase, sign, aspects, and house. Discover your life purpose, hidden talents and danger zones through the moon's nodes. Use the moon to position yourself in time—through transits to the moon, your progressed moon sign and house, dates for two progressed lunation cycles, plus a year of new and full moons around your chart. You'll want to read every page of this report, designed to please both beginners and advanced students of astrology.

Moonprints at mooncircles.com


12 Moons WorkshopAs earth's closest celestial ally, the moon has a powerful influence on daily life, but few are tuned in. If you want to increase your sensitivity to the lunar rhythm, this is the workshop for you. Every month before the New Moon, you'll receive a 26-page workbook, personalized to your birth chart and current location. You'll learn about the astrology particulars—the new moon and solar ingress, how these influence your chart, along with moon phases, moon voids, moon signs and house transits. Throughout the cycle, you'll be guided into an ever more intimate appreciation for the moon's workings in your life.

Twelve Moons Workshop at mooncircles.com


Moonwatching Dane Rudhyar opened the door to understanding the eight moon phases, but no one has made them more vivid and accessible than Dana Gerhardt. Saved, copied and passed around by readers of The Mountain Astrologer, these articles have been requested so often, that they've been collected into an e-book. Its ten chapters offer a practical understanding of the astrology and the experience of the moon's phases - as birth signatures, monthly events, and progressed life passages.

Moonwatching at mooncircles.com


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