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Happiness and the 'Inner Marriage' of the Sun/Moon Midpoint

by Julian Venables

alchemyThe promise of the Sun/Moon midpoint (an ‘alchemical’ blend of contrasting energies) is that with careful observation and use, one can find the source of happiness in one’s life – most commonly in our closest relationships.

I discovered astrology in 1988, and it recently dawned on me that I have now experienced a full Saturn cycle to 2017. Thus the writing of this article (my first for The Astrological Journal) is a milestone in my personal journey with the cosmic science.

As astrologers we are taught to see our natal horoscope as a whole – the symbolic and diagrammatic representation of one’s complete self. It is, however, an habitual inclination of mine to pull it apart to focus on specific aspects and points in the chart, to narrow down my awareness and pinpoint certain experiences as being the source of my current evolution at anyone point of time.

Chart Julian VenablesBoth my Sun and Moon are compromised by challenging aspects in my natal chart (see chart: 22 August 1967; 04:15am; Croydon, UK): the Sun in a separating square from Neptune in fixed signs; the Moon in a separating opposition from Pluto and in an applying opposition to Uranus in mutable signs. These aspects are a constant challenge to work with and understand as I progress through life.

In talking to clients and other astrologers, what’s clear is that the one essential thing we seek most of all in life is true happiness; that comes in different guises but the paramount one has to be happiness in relationships. For many of us, a part of the original reason for being drawn to this sacred art of astrology is that it offers answers to personal issues or problems, particularly those based around successful relating to others.

So, after recognising the inherent challenges of my Sun and Moon natal conditions, it was a great revelation the day I discovered the Sun/Moon midpoint in my chart. It’s not a planetary body per se, but the median point representing the union of the two light-giving bodies. And the promise of this particular midpoint is that with careful observation and use, one can find the source of happiness in one’s life.

In order to fully understand the Sun/Moon midpoint (abbreviated as Su/Mo) in all its glory, one has to first know the Sun and the Moon attributes prior to blending them together. We all know their respective keywords, but these bear repeating in the context of this article.

The Sun is the sole light-giver in our solar system; the basic energy of being; the light. It is our consciousness, self-awareness; willpower and individuation.  

The Moon is instincts, emotional reflexes and responses; psychic perceptions and precognition; it is a container (mother and family) and a medium; and it is also the past and the past life and therefore the reason you were born (especially by its placement by degree and condition in the horoscope).
Together they are referred to as The Luminaries. A ‘luminary’ by dictionary definition is: a natural light-giving body or a person who inspires or influences others.  

“A person” …thus maybe someone you can find in a relationship?

So if the Su/Mo is created out of the blend of the two luminaries, does their midpoint in the horoscope identify the person (or kind of person) who would make you happiest? 

Yes, I think it does, because by their union this point shows itself to be the ‘inner marriage’ of Sun and Moon.

After all: the Sun is our essential life force and vitality and the Moon is our habit patterns and emotional needs. Furthermore, the Sun represents our father, or male energy; and the Moon represents our mother, or feminine energy. And as parents and family provide the earliest role models, then it follows that we are looking for a similar type of person in life to relate to.

YinYangSo, together, the Su/Mo is the blending of the yang and the yin, the animus and the anima, the masculine and the feminine – for their strongest combined expression.

This midpoint represents the synthesis of one’s ego expression and emotional energy, creating the inner marriage that manifests as your closest relationships.

But first, I would like to suggest that you spend a bit of time with your own chart with the Su/Mo included , integrating the Su/Mo, so that you can see and understand how this point is integral to knowing yourself.

Take note of the house placement of your Su/Mo in your natal chart and confirm with yourself that this is the area of life where (it’s very likely) you tend to find your happiest expression.  

Then look at the Su/Mo aspects with other planets in your chart. Keep a focus on the 8th harmonic aspects (conjunction, semi-square, square, sesquisquare, opposition) with the Su/Mo as these have more of a motivational and active push and drive to them, so their presence and effect will be more obviously notable.

The Su/Mo is also very active in predictive astrology, so be sure to follow it by the transits, progressions and directions that it already has had and will follow in the future. You’ll see how it plays an active role in relationship beginnings, changes and endings.

Once you’ve worked out your own Su/Mo interpretation, begin to look at your relationships with others. As you will see, in marriage astrology and relationship astrology, the Su/Mo is an extremely sensitive point.

When you meet someone who has planets aspecting your Su/Mo, the connections and feelings generated for this person are very fated – they are already involved in your destiny, or you will want them more involved in your destiny.

Caveat: the holder of the Su/Mo is likely to be more affected and influenced by the relationship than the person with the planet. This could often be very disappointing for the Su/Mo person, that maybe they aren’t being as noticed or involved in the planet person’s life as they wish to be. So be warned!

Building a planetary picture

In 2008, I wrote the midpoint interpretations for Solar Fire Gold software. It was a considerable project of 32,000 words. In order to help better understand the Su/Mo aspects, here are my interpretations of the Su/Mo midpoint in aspect to other natal planets:

Mercury=Sun/Moon: you can combine willpower and emotions into a clear mental attitude. Direct communication and the ability to make connections, links and associations come easily.

Venus=Sun/Moon: you can express love, attraction and affection. Marriage, partnerships and relationships come easily. A good balance of aesthetic and artistic tendencies can lead to success and a magnetic social life.

Mars=Sun/Moon: you have competitive spirit and a determination to win. Strong desires and the union of opposites are satisfied through sex and marriage. Maybe one of your goals is to have children.

Jupiter=Sun/Moon: you have optimistic and enthusiastic self-expression. Life could be about discovering the true nature of self. In general you’ll have good fortune, success and expansion but be wary of over-exaggeration and over-inflation.  

Saturn=Sun/Moon: you might experience problems and difficulties in relationships. Any emotional inhibitions can be offset by dedication to your professional life or career. It’s probably an effort to understand others and it might be easier to be a loner.  

Uranus=Sun/Moon: our self-will and independence lead to sudden conflicts and unexpected separations. You have an original, unconventional and unique expression. You’re innovative and eccentric yet have a stubborn streak and can’t adapt. 

Neptune=Sun/Moon: you have great creative and spiritual potential but can be unrealistic or impractical. You probably swing between active efforts to become yourself and a passive attitude of submission. You might feel misunderstood.  

Pluto=Sun/Moon: you have a powerful drive to regenerate the mind and soul repeatedly through purges. A compulsive one-track mind can lead to identity problems. You have immense willpower and emotional force but you need to clear out inner conflicts first. 

North Node=Sun/Moon: you experience the most harmony by just letting things happen. You probably find that you’re always in the right place at the right time. You might be stimulated by mentors and role models who help to shape your emotional development and identity. 

Ascendant=Sun/Moon: you have a positive, open expression towards others. Your approach, and the way you meet life, is well-balanced with overall emotional stability. You might find other people want to meet you so new contacts and friendships are easy to make.  

Midheaven=Sun/Moon: your life direction is influenced by marriage and partnership which can become an aim and objective. Working with relationships can develop into a vocation or career. You’re probably known for having your mind and soul work well together.  

Chiron=Sun/Moon: you fix and heal yourself through understanding the active and passive sides of your nature which helps you to develop as a wise teacher and healer. You might embody the principle that no-one is perfect and life can be full of imperfections.

Remember: the effective orb is up to 2 degrees.

Eighth harmonic aspects are most noticeable and pushy in their effects, although take note of how the trine and sextile also work (smooth and flowing alignment, helpful).

The Sun/Moon midpoint and alchemical transformation

The quest of the alchemist (or astrologer) is to find the perfect balance between the masculine and feminine powers. The alchemist knows that life is the offspring of the marriage, between Sol, the archetypal Sun King (right brain) and Luna, the archetypal Moon Queen (left brain).

ConjunctioAs the alchemical text the Emerald Tablet (thought to be the work of Hermes Trismegistus) states: “Its father is the Sun, its mother the Moon”.

So the King (Sun) and the Queen (Moon) represent the raw materials of our experience – thoughts and feelings – with which the alchemist works.
The King symbolises the power of thought and planning, which are characteristics of spirit.

The Queen symbolises the influence of feelings and emotions, which are ultimately the matter of the soul.

In combining these two forces together (in ‘marriage’) one produces ‘feeling intellect’ or ‘intelligence of the heart’ – a state of consciousness which has been raised and purified.

The Su/Mo therefore is a very necessary point for the consulting astrologer to look out for and take note of when preparing charts for clients, and within the client consultation itself.

By referring to this point, you can bring fairly instantaneous happiness to the client by interpreting the sign and house where the midpoint is, giving it some analysis.

It will lift your clients’ spirits because you hit upon the combination of their vital spirit and feeling soul. And by getting their identity awareness right, they will in turn appreciate your work even more. Especially when you give them the transits times of other planets to their Su/Mo, as suitable phases in which to find the right relationship.

So why place relationship happiness on the Sun/Moon midpoint, and not so much on the Descendant/7th house cusp?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely agree that finding a loving partner with planets in one’s 7th house is a blessing, and it has angular importance; however the Descendant is but one half of a fulcrum or axis in the chart: it is opposite the Ascendant, and therefore it is quite possible that conflicts can arise out of oppositions with planets in the 1st house, etc. Sure, that axis can create relationship grit which over time turns into the pearl; but with Su/Mo, there’s a strong possibility that one can find another place in which to find relationship bliss. The Su/Mo has a ‘stand-alone’ quality about it that’s definitely worth exploring.

With the discovery of the Su/Mo the client can look into and explore the people they meet in a new area of the chart. Give them knowledge of where their Su/Mo is, and see what happens!

I’ve picked out two current synastry examples to demonstrate the Su/Mo in action in relationships.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (and Jennifer Aniston)

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston has her Su/Mo at 23° Capricorn on Brad Pitt’s Moon (22° Capricorn) and Venus (23° Capricorn), so this aptly describes their fairy tale Hollywood wedding. But having children together was not to be.

Brad PittBrad Pitt’s Su/Mo is at 9° Capricorn conjunct his natal Mars at 10° Capricorn and his South Node at 11° Capricorn. That stellium was activated by Angelina Jolie who has her Mars at 10° Aries, squaring his Mars and his Su/Mo.

Angelina Jolie Brad recently left Angelina, when It is also worth taking note that Angelina’s Su/Mo is 13° Taurus, which falls in Brad’s 6th house of work, and they met on the set of a movie – at work.

transiting Uranus in Aries squared his natal Moon and Venus. One wonders whether he’s communicated with Jennifer Aniston at all recently since his split with Angelina.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Donald TrumpTrump’s Su/Mo is conjunct Obama’s Mars at 22° Virgo 34’.
Obama’s Su/Mo is conjunct Trump’s Mercury at 8° Cancer 46’.

Barack ObamaI would like to suggest that this is why these two presidents have an on-going feud: formerly over birth certificates, and more recently over ‘wiretapping’ claims.  

With his Su/Mo in Virgo, Donald Trump most probably likes to keep things simple. However, whenever Obama’s in the room (so to speak) Donald gets riled up by Obama’s Mars. 

Also take note of how the current Trump/Obama battle is being fought over healthcare (Virgo).

Synastry Trump ObamaAnd this is exacerbated by Obama’s natural-feeling Su/Mo in Cancer (he clearly had a sense of ‘belonging’ when he was in the White House) and Donald Trump’s Mercury conjunct Obama’s Su/Mo. With Obama’s Su/Mo falling in Trump’s 11th house, could it be that Trump’s hopes and wishes/life objectives (e.g. to have a shot at the presidency) were activated by Obama’s Su/Mo?

It could be that Donald’s mind is overwhelmed by Obama’s Su/Mo, so much so that Donald had to run for president; now he’s made it to the top job, and Obama has retired, he’s not got that midpoint activating his Mercury, and has to look elsewhere for it.

Which is probably why (in his mind) he’s still on the campaign trail, at the inauguration, and chasing Obama in every way possible, such as with his new healthcare bill.

First published by: The Astrological Journal, Jul/Aug 2017

Julian VenablesJulian Venables (Dip.Astrol.S) was awarded the Faculty diploma in 2010 and is now in his fourth year as Chairman of the Brighton & Hove astrology circle. He enjoys presenting lectures and teaching astrology and welcomes any astro-event invitations (especially international ones).  In 2015 he published his first novel The Astrologer’s Apprentice about William Lilly's prediction of the Great Fire of London, which is available on Amazon as kindle or paperback. He adapted this story into a screenplay, and continues to write screenplays. In the media, he writes a daily horoscope column for www.uinterview.com and has been interviewed twice recently on Latest TV, Brighton's local TV channel. He is available for client readings in person or on the phone.
Julian's website: www.londonastrologer.com. Email: venables.julian@gmail.com. Telephone: +44 (0) 7881 425498

Image sources:
Charts provided by the author/AA Journal
Sun/Moon alchemy illustrations: Public Domain
YinYang: By Gregory Maxwell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

© Julian Venables - published by The Astrological Journal / 2017

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