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Out of the Shadows: Scorpio Elevated

by Frank Clifford

Taking one placement in a horoscope and exploring it in depth can be a rewarding endeavour, particularly if that placement involves Scorpio. Scorpio is heavily maligned and misunderstood because it is – particularly when on the Ascendant – a sign that provokes many unconscious projections from others who refuse (or are unable) to deal with the issues and 'buttons' it often unwittingly pushes in them.

Scorpio on the Ascendant compels its owner to explore fundamental issues of trust, intimacy and closeness in relationship, and equips them with a penetrative insight. But the Scorpio Rising person discovers that the desire to unravel the mysteries of those around them is borne out of a need to understand the greatest mystery of all: themselves. But for all their fortitude, reserve and potency, they can get stuck on an emotional treadmill and become unravelled by the need to control their immediate environment – a compulsion that can, ironically, control them.

If we consider Scorpio on the Midheaven (MC), though, the sign's power and intensity are heard as a compelling 'call' to be the master of one's destiny (and destination), to secure an influential position and to shape one's social environment (MC); in short, to be seen as powerful. It is one of the most intriguing of all MC placements because the sign of hidden depth, so often in the shadows, is now elevated, 'out there' culminating at the MC. Whereas a Scorpio Ascendant is adept at wearing many (dis)guises, at the MC this sign is called upon to expose itself and emerge with a public persona.

On the Midheaven, it has a wider spectrum, perhaps because in order to meet the world, Scorpio on the MC must work with the viewpoints and horizons of Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius (the possible Ascendant signs in most habitable latitudes). But the image/public persona created (consciously or otherwise), the type of recognition coveted or sought, and one's particular impact on society (and that which one symbolizes for others) will be fundamentally Scorpionic in essence.

This MC can manifest in various ways: to seek depth from social or work experiences; to be called upon to undergo a personal metamorphosis; to assume a potent, transformative position in society. Those with Scorpio on the Midheaven need to assume an authentic role, one of gravitas to face – and shed light on – some of life's darker issues and taboos; to be aware of the political play at work; to recognize that Scorpio's natural dependency on others does not have to be a symbiotic sign of weakness, but is, in fact, indicative of a common bond and commitment. The journey is a challenging one: there are issues of crisis and life and death, creativity and destruction, major (no-)turning (back) points, and rebirths after teetering perilously on the edge of self-annihilation. The calling of a Scorpio MC is self-mastery and to emerge as a shrewd player of the game with an awareness of the power of interdependency.

One of the best ways to understand the various manifestations of a sign on the MC is to look at the charts and lives of people in the public eye – not only how they choose to be seen, but also how we experience them. The MC will, for example, show how the public perceive a famous person's lifestyle, as well as their carefully constructed social persona.

Actors have the best jobs in the world – and arguably the most therapeutic in terms of exploring their inner landscapes. When employed, they will find themselves drawn to roles that are 'written' in their horoscopes; roles that appear to have been scripted for them. The clients of mine who are actors never cease to be amazed by astrology's ability to describe the parts they've been chosen to play – and astrologers could certainly debate how much 'choice' there is in the matter. And on occasion I've been asked by casting directors to compare charts and suggest which actor from a number would be best suited to a role in a biopic or some other celebrity-based portrayal. Actually, it's one of the least demanding and most fun tasks in my line of work! Acting provides them with an opportunity to play out key themes and dynamics in their charts and, although there's usually a spectrum of possibilities inherent (the life stories and subsequent acting plots are 'found' in their hard aspects and T-squares), so often the reputation they gain is directly linked to the MC sign and any planets conjunct.

Studying the charts of actors, particularly those who are known for (or typecast in) a particular role, gives us a wide spectrum of possibilities of how the MC can manifest through the signs. Very often, the actor will play characters that are vivid personifications of the stereo- or archetypes of the sign on their Midheaven (and, to a lesser extent, the Sun's sign). In social and work situations, we all develop reputations and play roles described by our Midheaven, but actors tend to have tightly edited, less subtle scripts! Our own archetypal roles played out in real life are usually more difficult to discern.

I've looked through my data files and found the following examples of well-known actors, all of whom have Scorpio on the Midheaven, and considered whether their MC sign reflects the characters with which they're most associated.

Anthony Hopkins

HopkinsThis intense character actor has known Scorpio MC heights and depths, having fought his own self-destructive impulses and personal demons, but Anthony Hopkins is best known for playing the demonic, brilliant psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter – a cannibalistic serial killer incarcerated in a hospital for the criminally insane. Interestingly his co-star in Silence of the Lambs, Jodie Foster, has her Sun at 26° Scorpio, exactly conjunct Hopkins' MC. Foster played FBI trainee Clarice Starling, sent to interview Lecter on the behaviour of still-at-large killer 'Buffalo Bill', only to find herself probed and dissected by the terrifying master psychologist. (In one of the novels, the pair become lovers and elope to Argentina.)

Hopkins later played two iconic 20th Century figures: Pablo Picasso and Richard Nixon. Picasso's Sun is in early Scorpio and his Mercury is at 24° Scorpio. Incidentally, although Nixon acted out much of his (chart ruler) Mercury opposite Pluto, synastry with the disgraced president is found in Capricorn rather than Scorpio, with personal planets conjunct early in the sign and Nixon's Sun on Hopkins' Ascendant. Director Oliver Stone wanted Hopkins for the part because 'the isolation of Tony is what struck me. The loneliness. I felt that was the quality that always marked Nixon.'

Sean Connery

With his undeniable sexual charisma, Connery became an icon and the embodiment of James Bond. In his hands, Bond was a dark, potent, dangerous and ruggedly hands-on 007 (very different from the suave, Venusian Bond of Roger Moore, born with the Sun in Libra and an MC in Taurus). Connery's Secret Service agent was a seductive womanizer but with a mark of cruelty (on occasion he struck his women); he was a 'man's man', unflinching in danger, fearless in combat – and who could forget his licence to kill? Many of his other films embody Scorpionic themes Connery(The Name of the Rose, The Untouchables, Marnie, Zardoz, The Hunt for Red October and Finding Forrester). Those with Scorpio on the MC are naturally drawn to the political arena, and Connery is a high-profile and active member of the Scottish National Party. With Saturn dominant and the Scorpio MC (both of which place respect high on their list of priorities), Connery – never one to suffer fools – often took a moral stand and sued film companies to retrieve monies that were rightfully his.

Larry Hagman

Hagman stuttered and bumbled his way through the light comedy I Dream of Jeannie before finding his niche as womanizing Texan oil baron J.R. Ewing in TV's Dallas. As big on revenge as he was on procuring women, Ewing was played as a Scorpio stereotype: a manipulative, utterly ruthless operator with a nose for a deal – and someone who only wanted what he couldn't have. J.R. Ewing was the ultimate villain 'viewers loved to hate', and never before has one character so dominated an on-going TV series. Dallas made Hagman, with the MC in Scorpio, the highest paid actor on TV.

Matt Damon

This intense young actor showed early signs of his Scorpio MC. For Damon his role as an opiate-addicted soldier in Courage Under Fire, Matt Damon lost 18 kilos in 100 days. And this was all for only two days of filming. According to reports, Damon was on medication for several years to correct the stress inflicted on his adrenal gland. He then embarked on a role that made his name. In Good Will Hunting he played a young, self-destructive genius who undergoes a personal transformation with the help of a washed-up psychologist. Damon continued to be drawn to Scorpionic roles, firstly as a confidence artist engaged in a cat-and-mouse game in The Talented Mr. Ripley, and later he reinvented himself as an action anti-hero in the box-office smash trilogy of Bourne films (Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum), in which he played an assassin tormented by amnesia (note Neptune conjunct natal MC; the project was filmed when Neptune crossed over Damon's Ascendant).

Catherine Deneuve

Famous for her elegance and beauty, her political activism and, on screen, for portraying mysterious, distant 'ice maidens', Deneuve has been an object of international lust by filmgoers for decades. A notable role was in Roman Polanski's psychological thriller Repulsion, in which she played a virgin attracted and repulsed by sex.

Francis Ford Coppola

CoppolaProducer-director Coppola's Scorpio MC is seen in his most famous work, the Godfather films. The trilogy examined the loyalties, betrayals and violent realities of a mobster clan of 'businessmen'. Issues of respect, loyalty, ruthlessness, fear, honour, corruption, criminality, hierarchy, revenge and the exchanging of favours are all high on the Mafia agenda.

Coppola has strong Mars–Pluto overtones in his chart:
Sun at 16° Aries
Mars at 9° Capricorn conjunct a Capricorn Ascendant at 7°
MC at 3° Scorpio
Moon at 26° Scorpio

Mario Puzo, the novelist and screenwriter of The Godfather, was born (time unknown) with the North Node at 6° Scorpio, Venus at 19° Scorpio and Pluto at 8° Cancer. Puzo later wrote The Sicilian, which was, in effect, a sequel to The Godfather, and based on the 'Robin Hood' bandit Salvatore Giuliano. Guiliano was born with Jupiter at 4° Scorpio, the Sun at 23° Scorpio, 17° Aries Rising, and the MC at 9° Capricorn in a one-degree opposition to Pluto (on the IC). The links between all three are quite remarkable.

Cinematic depictions of the Mafia appear to congregate in the final decan of Scorpio, the region of mid-Aries square to the end of the first decan of Capricorn ('It's business, not personal'). The Martial–Plutonic themes are also seen in the charts of Godfather leads: Marlon Brando – Mars opposite Pluto, T-square Sun–Moon at 14° and 13° Aries; Al Pacino – Aries MC, Sun square Pluto on the Ascendant; James Caan – Sun in Aries, Jupiter at 18° Aries, Moon at 22° Scorpio conjunct the Ascendant at 27° Scorpio. Even Scorpio Ascendant Diane Keaton (Pacino's wife in all three films) has Venus in the mix at 8° Capricorn. Only Robert DeNiro's chart (missing a verified birth time) is lacking the requisite connections.

Kirk Douglas

Screen legend Douglas, the son of poor Russian immigrants, excelled in playing tough guys, flawed military men and hard-nosed intense types, all of which he famously called 'sons-of-bitches'. His best remembered roles were as the rebellious, charismatic slave who 'rises up from the dust' to challenge Rome in Spartacus, and as tortured genius Vincent Van Gogh in Lust for Life. (As an aside, Van Gogh's Moon–Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius is straddled by Douglas' Sun–Mercury, and opposed by the Moon in Gemini.)

Jane Fonda

Few actresses have embarked on as many personal and professional metamorphoses as Jane Fonda. The daughter of actor Henry Fonda, from whom she was emotionally distant for many years, Jane's unstable mother committed suicide when the girl was twelve. As a teenager, she moved from Fonda fashion model to actress, and was soon cast in light glamorous roles that cemented her status as a 1960s sex symbol. During the 1970s, roles became more political and Scorpionic (as a prostitute in Klute and in the political films Coming Home and The China Syndrome), as did her companions and co-stars (Vanessa Redgrave was one). An outspoken activist with Pluto on the Descendant in Cancer, Fonda's trip to Hanoi, where she was manipulated into being photographed straddling an anti-aircraft gun, made her one of the most hated, 'treasonous' figures in patriotic America. But she rebounded and revamped her image. Even her character in the 1980 film Nine to Five is relevant to her Scorpio MC – she played a woman returning to work and rebuilding her life after divorce and delivering payback to the company's boss, a 'sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot'. Two years later, her next incarnation – as businesswoman and exercise workout guru – made her a force in the fitness industry, a household name again… and a fortune. She retired from film to marry Ted Turner (as TR Pluto conjunct her MC) and emerged fourteen years later, divorced 'from the world of patriarchy', and cast as the manipulative mother from hell in Monster in Law.

Dustin Hoffman

Famous for immersing himself in his acting roles, Method actor Hoffman once went without bathing and sleeping for two days to prepare for a scene in Marathon Man. Laurence Olivier spotted him and famously asked, 'My dear boy, why don't you try acting?' Hoffman's roles personify his MC in Scorpio: the workaholic struggling with the crisis of divorce and custody in Kramer vs. Kramer, The Graduate seduced by Mrs Robinson, the reporter in search of the truth behind the Watergate break-ins in All the President's Men, and the struggling actor in Tootsie who poses as a woman to secure a role in a soap opera.

Robbie Coltrane

Best known for his role in the TV show Cracker as a foul-mouthed, anti-hero criminal psychologist (a 'cracker' of the motivations of psychotic, violent criminals), Coltrane is the son of a forensic police surgeon and has campaigned for various political and Socialist policies. He went on to play Hagrid, the loyal, giant guardian of Harry in the Harry Potter films.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer has played his share of secret agents, risk-takers (including 'Iceman' – Scorpio – in Top Gun) and the dark knight in Batman Forever. Legend has it that Kilmer first learned that he had been offered the role while he was in a bat cave in Africa doing research for The Ghost and the Darkness. Kilmer made an impact playing the sexy, leather-clad 'Lizard King' Jim Morrison in The Doors. The film focused on the frontman's personal and professional highs and lows, his addictions, as well as his growing obsession with death. Both actor and singer have the MC in Scorpio. With Kilmer's Venus conjunct Morrison's MC, he won the part by re-recording many of Morrison's vocals and challenging director Oliver Stone to tell them apart.

Maggie Kirkpatrick

Anyone who has stayed up late and watched 1980s Australian soap repeats into the early hours could never forget this imposing actress who alarmed viewers as the sadistic, corrupt lesbian prison 'screw' Joan Ferguson in Prisoner: Cell Block H. Ferguson prowled the prison corridors, hair slicked back and clad in leather gloves to make her night-time body searches on unsuspecting female inmates. Nicknamed 'The Freak', she was one of soap's most memorable, complex and terrifying characters. Another actress from the show, Val Lehman, was born with Scorpio on the MC. Lehman's character, a multiple killer, was 'Top Dog' in the prison, and Lehman herself was a vocal ring-leader on set and Equity representative for the cast.

Brandon Lee

As the son of Bruce Lee, who died when Brandon was eight, this promising young actor looked set to conquer Hollywood in similar martial arts-themed films. True to his Scorpio MC, in The Crow he played a rock musician who comes back from the dead to avenge his own murder. While filming, Lee was killed in a freak gun accident, following in the footsteps of his famous father, who had died prematurely at the age of thirty two.

Kiefer Sutherland

Another actor with a famous father, Kiefer was a child star in the 1986 film Stand By Me, a coming-of-age story of adventure and allegiance, in which he played a menacing bully. His adult roles have seen him negotiate the political manoeuvrings of the Marines in A Few Good Men, risk dangerous experiments to experience near-death thrills in Flatliners, and haunt a couple of teens as a vampire gang leader in The Lost Boys. In his acclaimed role in the recent TV series 24 ('death on a deadline') he played a terrorist fighter ('a hero for dark times', say the ads). In late 2007, Sutherland began a seven-week stint in prison for DUI.

Tom Selleck

Selleck was a major sex symbol in the 1980s, often cast in roles as playboys, firstly as a randy investigator in Magnum, P.I., and later in the Three Men and a Baby films. His support of the National Rifle Association in the US brought him much criticism.

Sean Young

One of the most bizarre of the Scorpio MC examples surely must be supporting actress Sean Young, who has been tarnished with a wild, intense and 'difficult' label on and off set. One of the most damaging allegations was that she had hounded, stalked and threatened co-star James Woods, who had spurned her. Young's career and reputation never recovered fully from the negative publicity that ensued.

Rex Harrison

In Harrison's collection of charming but unsentimental 'English gentleman' roles, we meet his Capricorn Ascendant more than anything, but we cannot forget that Harrison's most famous role was as the misogynistic, volatile professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins, in My Fair Lady, in which he 'adopts' and bullies Eliza Doolittle into undergoing a metamorphosis from 'guttersnipe' flower girl to self-sufficient society lady.

Meg Ryan

Michael Parkinson certainly met the defensive side of this prickly actress in that infamous interview on the Parkinson show in October 2003. Often cast in perky romantic lead roles, Ryan's most famous scene is deliciously Scorpionic: in When Harry Met Sally…, when her friend, played by Billy Crystal, argues that men can recognize when a woman is faking an orgasm, she goes right ahead in a packed Manhattan deli and vociferously proves him wrong! 'I'll have what she's having.'

A look through my data files shows a number of other interesting entertainers with Scorpio on the MC who have followed various dimensions of the Scorpio archetype, from political animal to Svengali to serial killer to sex symbol. Even graceful Paul Newman – whose philanthropy and passion for auto racing are best seen by his Jupiter conjunct Ascendant and Mars in Aries – opposed the war in Vietnam and ended up on Nixon's enemies list. His fundraising efforts have included a camp for terminally ill children. And there are a few Scorpio MC probables, including John Altman, who played nasty mum-tormentor Nick Cotton in EastEnders. Altman gave me a birth time that equates to 29°42' Libra, a minute or so of time off a Scorpio Midheaven.

Just as actors are naturally drawn to roles that can be 'seen' in their horoscopes, producers, writers and directors will be drawn to projects that 'act out' major themes in their birth charts. Maverick auteur film-maker and activist Derek Jarman depicted ground-breaking aspects of homosexuality on screen, and works by writers such as Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting, Ecstasy, Filth and Glue) demonstrate Scorpionic black humour, biting wit and a social commentary on the dark recesses of disaffected Edinburgh 'low-lifes'. With Neptune conjunct Welsh's MC, themes of addiction, self-destructiveness, boredom, nihilism – as well as attempts to escape the banalities of life by immersing in a drug culture – are presented with stark realism.

Truly, Scorpio has the most fascinating range of expressions of all the signs, hence its enigmatic and fearsome reputation. And with Scorpio on the Midheaven, be aware that the bite may truly be worse than the bark, as this final snapshot of a powerful figure suggests.

Susan Sarandon

SarandonFew actresses have created such a political furore as Susan Sarandon who, with her husband Tim Robbins, is an unapologetic, forthright political and social activist on the Hollywood scene. Together, their political agendas have seen them dis-invited from awards ceremonies and considered 'too hot to handle'. Sarandon opposed the Bush Government and the Iraq War when it was potentially lethal in America to do so, and provoked a reaction similar to the nationalistic vitriol aimed at Jane Fonda and the Dixie Chicks. Her most memorable roles depict her Scorpio MC's attraction to characters of gravitas facing personal danger with unflinching courage and undergoing a personal metamorphosis in the process: Thelma and Louise, The Client, and Dead Man Walking, a gut-wrenching portrait of death row. While in London some years ago, she was interviewed about the US gun lobby and one of its most famous supporters, Charlton Heston. She quipped, 'He and I share a birthday, so I don't know what that says about astrology.'


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Sean Young: 20 November 1959, 10:46 CST, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 38N15, 85W46. Kathryn Farmer q. her birth certificate. RR: AA.


First published in: The Astrological Journal, Jan/Feb 2010

Frank CliffordFrank Clifford is an astrologer, palmist, data collector, publisher and writer who has been Principal of The London School of Astrology since 2004. He lectures internationally, co-hosts The Astrology Student Conference (next on: 9–10 May 2015) and won the prestigious Charles Harvey Award in 2012. Frank has a column in The Mountain Astrologer and has guest edited a few themed issues. His dozen publications include Palmistry 4 Today, Solar Arc Directions, Getting to the Heart of Your Chart, and his latest book of essays, Horoscope Snapshots (due September 2014). www.flareuk.com

Picture sources:
Meg Ryan: Arthur from Westchester County north of NYC, USA, at Arthur@, license cc-by-sa-2.0
Kiefer Sutherland: Kristin Dos Santos, license cc-by-sa-2.0
Dustin Hoffman: Georges Biard, license cc-by-sa-3.0

© Frank Clifford - First published in The Astrological Association of Great Britain 2014

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