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Tips for Interpretation

The following recommendations are simply suggestions which need to be tested, and which are meant to help you to explore unknown territory: your own inner world.

1) The most important unconscious personality is the ruler of the first house of the birth chart. If you have, for example, a libra ascendant, the main thing is to explore your Venus persona chart. There's always a good surprise in the persona chart of the ruler of the ascendant.

2) The persona chart of the Moon informs you about the energies of the feminine side of your psyche. Just like the birth horoscope can be called the yang horoscope, we describe the Moon persona chart as the yin horoscope, its female counterpart. To access and understand her, you have to look at feelings buried deep inside.

3) The ascendant of a persona chart shows the deepest sphere of the unconscious which has to be found and understood by this personality. The ascendant of an unconscious inner personality also shows the forces which want to come to light, and which want to make their way to the surface with a great boost.

4) A persona chart's Sun is always considered the ego of this inner personality. But not THE ego! Saturn, for example, possesses an ego, a will to realise itself which speaks the words "I want ...". Part of this persona chart ego is known from the birth chart, because the Sun of the persona chart always occupies the place which is held by the planet itself in the birth chart. However, the house placing of this persona ego is completely unknown. Just for the sake of finding out the house placing of the persona ego within its own chart, creating a persona chart makes sense. Not only does it tell us how this personality articulates itself, but also where it does so, i.e. in which sphere of life.

5) The midheaven of a persona chart shows which fate the individual personalities encounter here on earth. It is the quintessence of the path which leads from the "unconscious" (ascendant) to the "light of consciousness" (midheaven). Whether this path is followed to the very end by the individual cannot be known. Whether the inner personalities come to consciousness, appears to depend on the intensity of the effort put into the venture, and on individual achievement.

It seems to us that a human who has integrated all inner personalities into full consciousness would have finished his way here on earth. We might deduce a law from this: Each inner personality I have found, renders my world poorer by one person. If the world outside does not owe me any more (inner) personalities, it may well be that it has fulfilled its function and may I leave.


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