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Sy Scholfield is a British-Australian astrologer, astro-data researcher & collector, editor, writer and scholar (B.A. [Hons], M.Phil.). He was born on 5 May 1964 in Brisbane.

He runs several websites:

Sy Scholfield (at tripod)
AstroQueer (a.k.a. Queer Stars)
his new AstroDataBlog

Sy Scholfield has cooperated with Astrodatabank since the time when it was run by Lois Rodden. Many data records from his original research in Australia were given by him to Rodden or have later been purchased by Astrodatabank for integration and distribution as part of the database. Since 2013, he enters new data directly into Astrodatabank. The number of his contributions exceeds now 2'200.

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